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The Soft Solution to the Hard Floor

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Most dogs sleep an average of 12-14 hours a day. And while many dogs prefer the cool, hard floor to nap or lounge, it can be detrimental to their joints and can cause pressure sores. And no matter how clean your floor may look, it still collects dirt. The floor is just not the best place for your dog to nap.

That’s why Wellness PetMats are such a great therapeutic solution for your dog! Wellness PetMats are low profile, therapeutically cushioned surface that evenly distributes weight for better joint health and contours the bone to prevent pressure sores and calluses. Additionally, Wellness PetMats gives your family member a place to call his own, giving him a sense of ownership and dominance over his space contributing to his overall happiness and well-being.

Wellness PetMats promote better long-term health than laying on the bare floor. They are vet recommended and designed for dogs of all ages, but the mats are especially beneficial to dogs who suffer from arthritis, dysplasia, and other structural misalignments.

Wellness PetMats wipe clean and will never absorb odor or dog hair making it incredibly low-maintenance for Pet Parents.

With a low profile, this mat won’t get in the way or become a trip hazard allowing you to give your dog his space without invading yours.

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