Anti-fatigue Standing Desk Floor Mats

It's no secret - sitting is the new sugar. That's why we've taken a stand on the subject of sitting...we've embraced the standing desk! It can really impact the way you feel - physically and emotionally. Healthy standing is a big win for everybody and we want to help you take that first step! Ready to take a stand?

Here are a few tips to get you started...

Sitting is the new sugar…many health experts & medical professionals have gone so far as to say that too much sitting may, in fact, be killing Americans!

With growing health concerns and medical research to confirm the speculation, the results are now in; obesity, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels – even cancer and cardiovascular disease – all of these have been identified and confirmed with mountains of evidence to support growing speculation. The dangers of prolonged sitting are too many to ignore.

At WellnessMats, we’ve taken a stand – on sitting!

The good news is that the common sitting dilemma that most nine-to-fivers face is not difficult to remedy, and we have some tips to insure that you succeed. We are firm believers in the standing desk and many of us have been ‘on our feet’ at work for years (and years) now – we’ve supported the merits of healthy standing for over a decade, and we are pleased that the standing desk has caught on as it has with the public…Not all ‘trends’ are created equal, as the standing desk is hardly a trend, but a healthier choice in lifestylewe believe it’s here to stay.

The secret of the standing...revealed

It’s not really a secret at all - the standing desk trains your body to stay in constant (subtle) motion all day. It’s essentially the one endurance workout you won’t even realize you’re doing! The impact of any type of movement can have a truly profound impact on how you feel—both physically and emotionally. When you feel better, you perform better—it’s that simple. The added benefit of burning extra calories from standing can promote weight loss, help maintain a healthy weight, and increase your energy level; what could be better for the self esteem than that? Healthy standing is a big win for everybody…WellnessMats wants to help you take that first step!

Say goodbye to midday blahs...

You know how you sometimes feel sluggish after lunch? Or maybe you get the 3 PM “blahs” and want to put your head down and rest? That just doesn’t happen when you are on your feet.

Finding the right (standing) desk solution for you

Choosing a standing work solution that works for you is personalit’s like selecting the right office space. We are not suggesting that you throw out the ergonomic chair on your next garbage day; just consider an alternative to sitting all day.

Remember: any solution that gets your keyboard height to a recommended 39” is a standing desk. You can invest in a surface special designed for adjustability in height (to both sit and stand) or you can get a little creative…and add the equivalent of a podium, chair, short coffee table, or a stack of hefty textbooks to your existing desk – and you have a highly functional standing desk! 

Why WellnessMats?

Put your favorite color, pattern or size WellnessMat underneath your standing deskregardless of your flooring condition (your WellnessMat will make a difference…even on carpet!). Why, you ask? WellnessMats are designed to keep your legs and muscles feeling fresh, eliminating fatigue and muscle discomfort. The continuous displacement of the body’s weight fosters improved circulation and burns calories to boot.

Our ¾” slab of 100% Advanced Polyurethane is the perfect plush thickness needed for what is medically referred to as ‘proprioception’, or in layman’s terms, the body inherently senses a stimuli and therefore consistently changes positionwhen you stand, your body instinctually shifts weight from one foot to the other. The movement required for standing triggers the internal processes that breakdown unwanted fats and sugars. When you sit all the time, these important processes stop dead in their tracks…and the health risks increase. In other words, standing literally kickstarts your body into improving its most natural functions! 

Here are five simple ways for you to get on your feet & get out of your seat!

  1. Improvise…your standing desk. A standing desk simply boosts your keyboard to an appropriate height - it’s not costly or difficult!
  1. Take calls on your feet to start. You’ll be surprised how sharp you feel on those long call
  1. Stand while you eat your lunch. Many restaurants now have tall bar stool tables suitable for standing—or stand at the counter in the office break room.
  1. Create a buddy system. Challenge an office colleague to do it with you—it helps to have a buddy to keep you on task.
  1. Make it simple to succeed. Whether it’s a standing desk challenge or a brisk walk around the office every day, make realistic goals for yourself to accomplish. 

WellnessMats are designed to keep the body comfortable, displace weight, and promote continuous movement to kick start the internal bodily functions that keep you healthy!

Give yourself a chance to succeed.

If you spend long periods of time at a desk (as many of us do), ease into the change. It doesn’t have to happen overnight. You don’t buy new running shoes one day and then complete a marathon in record time the next. Train for it incrementally—let your body adjust to what may feel at first like a lot of standing; add a few minutes every day. Or take a quick walk around the office (3-5 minutes) every hour or soit sounds like a lot, but if you consider bathroom and lunch breaks, it’s a small commitment of time that helps keep you fresh and alert. Healthy standing is not just our goal; it’s part of our promise to you.

Isn’t it time for you to take a stand on WellnessMats?

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