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KIM LYONS | Owner of Bionic Body Studio | Fitness Expert | NASM CPT, PES, CES

“Fitness mats are awesome. Don’t take my word for it though, try one for yourself. They are like no other mat I have used in my career. I have found my new ground support for life.”

MONICA BRANT | Fitness Competitor

“Going into our 10th year of hosting F.E.M. Camps™ we have remained extremely careful of what companies/products we allow to sponsor the camps. Products need to be well made and of remarkable integrity before we will allow them access to our broad market of fit ladies from across the world. With WellnessMats, we found just that in the product and company! On behalf of F.E.M. Camp™ we have been excited to share the WellnessMats’ FitnessMat with our attending ladies and offer one to our F.E.M. Camp™ Spirit Winners (voted on by the attendees). F.E.M. Camp™ looks forward to a continued relationship with WellnessMats not only for the training sessions.. but for me (Monica Brant) to nap on in between sessions!”

HILARY HALL | Mother of 2 | Fitness Competitor | Health & Fitness Professional

“FitnessMats support me during my workouts. I have hardwood floors and doing yoga or any sort of ab workouts are just not an option. FitnessMats are phenomenal!”

JON HAM | Former NCAA Gymnast | Personal Trainer | YouTube Fitness Personality

“FitnessMats have proven to be extremely versatile and comfortable for my home gym and my clients’. Whether I’m jumping rope, suspension training, or doing exercises on the floor, the fitness mats relieve all pressure points and firmly support my body. FitnessMats also provide comfort to my feet in the kitchen while making healthy meals. Now that I’ve been using FitnessMats for some time, I cannot imagine exercising without them! I highly recommend the FitnessMats for your gym and your home.”

DIANA VITALI | Fitness Competitor | Personal Trainer | Team Bombshell

“Training on a FitnessMat hands down is the best. Being a fitness competitor, I spend most of my days in the gym. Working out so much takes a huge toll on my body. Therefore using the best equipment is extremely important. I would recommend FitnessMats to anyone who is a fitness enthusiast.”

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