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When we talk to potential WellnessMats customers, we often get asked if our mats are easy to clean. The truth is, they couldn’t be easier to clean! There are so many great benefits to the WellnessMat and that is just one of them.

In addition to being easy to clean (and we’ll talk more about that in a minute), WellnessMats are 100% recyclable – but we’d bet that you’d never want to recycle yours. Our mats will hold up exceptionally well for many years to come. We offer a 20 Year Manufacturer Warranty that includes a 7 Year Performance Warranty. Our mats will never delaminate or come apart. They will never decompress or become flat, maintaining their unmatched comfort guarantee. And the edges will never curl up creating a trip hazard like other brands do. If you are looking for a new design to replace your old WellnessMat, our gut tells us that you’d find another spot for your old one. Perhaps we can suggest that an old kitchen mat find a new home in the laundry room or in front of the bathroom vanity. Or better yet, tell us where you’ve repurposed old WellnessMats.

Did you also know that WellnessMats proudly offer mats for the home gym, home office (they are great for standing desks), and even for your pets, too? All WellnessMats products are unmatched in comfort, convenient and easy to clean!

And now for cleaning instructions … Like we mentioned, the WellnessMat is very easy to clean. Most spills can be cleaned with warm water and a towel or mop. For more difficult stains, mild soap and water are recommended. It can be spot cleaned, swept, or stick vacuumed (non-brushrolled) as needed. As always, test a small area of your WellnessMat with the specific cleaning product that you typically use. 

If you have any questions or concerns, WellnessMat’s friendly and helpful customer service team would be happy to help. You can contact Customer Service between 8:00am – 6:00pmEST Monday - Friday via chat on the website or by calling 800-981-4979.

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