5 Bright Ways to Beat the Gray

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April showers bring good things, or so they say, but it can be hard to remember that on a dreary, rainy day. Though you won’t be able to change the weather, you can make small changes in your home that will help you forget about the bad weather outside. If you suffer from the rainy day blues, try one or all of these suggestions to boost the happy factor of your home.

Potted plants or fresh cut flowers can add an element of cheerfulness to any room. The color, scent and liveliness of the plants contribute to an aesthetic improvement and overall effervescence. Research has shown that indoor plants are associated with wellness, that’s why flowers are a common gift for people who are recovering from surgery or an illness. Additionally, it has been proven that indoor plants improve cognitive performance and creativity. So, enjoy the numerous benefits of indoor greenery while fighting the rainy day blues.



Anti Fatigue Mats, WellnessMats, Spring ColorAdding colorful décor to your house can also help you forget about the gray clouds looming outside. Keep it bright with pops of colors from pillows, throws, table accessories and more. A surprisingly effective color boost can come from floor mats that can break up the monotony of flooring. WellnessMats offers over 200 elegant finishes to match every décor. The WellnessMat Estates line includes 5 categories of colors: Shades of Gold, Shades of Silver, Shades of White, Shades of Red and Shades of Blue, equaling 27 colors in total available in 4 relief-style patterns: Bella, Entwine, Trellis and Moiré. The colors range from burnished metallic to bright primary colors, offering a color to match every room and add a little definition, brilliance and joyfulness on a damp day. View the entire collection here: http://wellnessmats.com/collections/estates-collection

Mirrors are superb light reflectors that can quickly add brightness to a dark room - even on a the grayest of days - by reflecting the available light rather than absorbing it. The placement of the mirror can help maximize the effectiveness; check out this great article from Houzz.com to get ideas for ways to position a mirror and stylize a room.  Mirrors with bright frames can certainly add an even brighter change to a room in need of some liveliness on a gray day.

A home-cooked meal can warm any home and comfort the mind. Fresh ingredients, good smells, and a nurturing atmosphere are all happy side effects of home cooking. On a cold, rainy day there is nothing better than walking into a home that smells delicious! Before you even know it, you’ll forget what it’s like outside as you pull up a chair at the kitchen table to dig in! 

Crystals are a new trend that is gaining momentum. Crystals, reportedly, help improve the energy of a room. While energy is constantly shifting and changing, rainy days can have an especially significant impact on the energy flow. “Crystals and stones are a huge part of home decor Feng Shui and can be used to heal, uplift and attract in more things that you want in life,” says The Decorista. Invite elements of nature into your home by adding crystal décor to brighten and enhance your space.  blog to learn more about the benefits of different crystals and how to use them attractively in your home décor.

While there are myriad ways to brighten your home on a gray day, there is no wrong way! Let us know how you have improved the energy of your home.  We’d love to see your pictures, too!


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