4 Tips to Decluttering Your Kitchen

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After a winter of being stuck in the house, we think the best way to bring in spring is to clear out the kitchen! Here are 4 great ways to begin freshening up the house for spring and reduce your stress while you are at it. 

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1. Throw it Away! 

Step one to any decluttering is always the hardest. Start by cleaning out the fridge, and getting rid of any products that look more like the kids science fair work than a meal you ate for dinner! After you toss the old and moldy, look at the products that might be reaching their peak usage, that means your husband's hot sauce that has a crusty ring around the top, or the kids empty apple sauce jar. 

2. Organize the Pantry

The pantry usually ends up being a catch all of the chip bags, cereal boxes, and canned goods.  Start with emptying the shelves. By pulling everything out of the pantry, you can see what you have, which will let you know how to best use the space. To free up more space refer to step one and get rid of anything not worth saving. 

3. Look Down

During winter months, your floors may have been covered by rugs to keep your toes warm while cooking. It may be time to replace them with something that releases any pain while cooking, and brings a splash of class to the area. WellnessMats Estate Collection offers distinct patinas & subtle washes making each a one of a kind, and will allow your kitchen to look fresh and new. 

4. Junk Elimination

Every house in the world has that one drawer full of items deemed too important to toss, but not important enough to have a space of its own. Now is the time to eliminate such drawers. Like the pantry, remove all the items, and sort through what is there. With each item ask "Is this important enough to get a spot?" if the answer is no, figure out where it really belongs, toss it or donate it. 

Once your kitchen feels fresh, take the time to admire your work. It won't be long until you have to do it all over again (no matter how hard you try)!

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