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As the holiday season approaches, life gets busy.  It’s at these times that it’s important to take time for yourself, to de-stress, and remember what matters the most.  At WellnessMats, living a Healthy Way of Life is not just our tag line – it is the core of our company and product.  It’s important to us and we hope important to our fans.

That’s why we launched our #WellnessMATters contest.  We really want to know why #WellnessMATters to you! The responses have been so inspiring and really strengthen our resolve to provide the best comfort and support!

Here are just a few examples of what our amazing fans have to say:

“I'm a professional volleyball player for 10 over years.  This could help me with my road to recovering my body!”

“WellnessMats is important to me for my mother, My mother hosts all of our family dinners.”

“Wellness is a lifestyle, you choose to live well or you choose to live unwell. Wellness to me means I am healthy and able to be the best mother to my son as can be, as well as him being at the best he can be because we all live a healthy lifestyle and incorporate wellness in everything we do. If your body isn't happy then your mind won't be either. Everything from what you eat to using a wellness mat they are all keys to living well and treating your body right.”

“WellnessMatters to me because if your legs and feet hurt, everything else hurts, too. A soft mat under my feet is like heaven and makes it so much easier to stand in the kitchen longer or stand at work longer and be more comfortable.”

“WellnessMats are important to me because I ache a lot less by the end of the day when using it.”

Thank you to all that have shared with us why #WellnessMATters to you. For those who are interested in entering our #WellnessMATters Sweepstakes and telling us YOUR story of why #WellnessMATters, you still have time to enter. Simply log-in to the giveaway box by entering your email address or using your Facebook login and then complete one or more of the entries listed.

We are giving away three WellnessMats – that’s three chances to win…. over $500 in WellnessMats.

Three Winners to be announced November 2nd! Good luck and be well!


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