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New York Fashion Week has inspired us, as it always does, and this year it is inspiring us just in time for the switch from summer to fall colors.  Here in Michigan the fall foliage literally paints the scenery.  We start to be surrounded by rich, beautiful reds, golds, and browns.  And very, very soon, it will be time to transition your home from late summer to the fall décor we love. 

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Fresh off the runway and into the home, warm metallics are trending, we took note.  With a nod to the runway, we are highlighting the very best of this Fall’s color trends presenting our new Copper Leaf, Antique Gold, Bronze, and Rose Gold colorways.  Whether your style tends to embrace calming earthy tones, vibrant primary colors or whites, or deep elegant woods/traditional design,  we have the go-to colors and patterns that will highlight and celebrate the true autumnal change allowing you to stand in comfort  and style.

Copper Leaf // Rich tones of copper are strong this season and our new Copper Leaf from the Estates Collection - Essentials is proof….it has already become a fan favorite. We’ve taken the rustic luster of copper and created a perfect retreat for your feet.  MATch one of our Copper Leaf mats to your copper accessories and appliances or use it to bring out the colors and textures of your hardwood floor.  Our Copper Leaf comfort floor mat is a stylistic piece that ensures you’re in season, wherever you stand.

Antique Gold // Timeless and beautiful, Antique Gold  is another addition to our Estates Collection - Essentials that will be sure to stay in style through the ages. Washed with the soft patina of burnished gold, Antique Gold is understated yet distinct, accented with hints of shimmering gold and deep gray undertones.  Partner with household metallics or matte finishes, as this piece can blend to impress.

Rose Gold // Known for its pink, rosy yet distinctly golden hue. We think it is simply beautiful and think it’s a color that brightens a room with its elegance and frankly, just makes us smile.  Don’t be afraid to accent your décor with this soft yet warm rose gold mat. A little bit of color never hurt anybody. It’s also right on trend with other fall color influences found in the Essentials Estates Collection.

Bronze //  Bronze is a combination of a rich golden metallic hue offset by deep dark grays.  The combination is stunning, much like the alloy that inspired its name. This brushed bronze mat is the décor piece to have for any room, at any time of the year. Not sold on this shade? WellnessMats features a variety of brown comfort mats to suit your preferences.

Cook, clean, and stand in comfort and relief all year round. With our full lines of comfort floor mats, over 200 colors and styles to select from, you can select the perfect accent for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, craft room or garage.  Don’t be afraid to give your household the perfect, comfortable, healthy addition of fall colors this season.

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