9 Tips To Enjoy The End Of Summer

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It’s officially the last week of August, which sadly means that summer is coming to an end. Back to school supplies, Halloween and gasp... even some Thanksgiving items are consuming every store display and the crisp breeze in the air reminds you that autumn is on its way.  We’re here to tell you not to give up on summer just yet! There are still a few more weeks left and what better time than now to take advantage of the beautiful summer days and nights we have left. Firstly, try to spend as much time as possible outside! Here are 9 other tips on how to enjoy the end of summer.

  •  Keep Grillin’! – Whether your go-to grilling recipe involves steak, chicken, or portobello mushrooms, take advantage of the season and get out and grill! Put on that “Grill Ninja” apron, grab your grill brush and tongs, and listen to the sizzle of the marinated meat as it heats upon the grill.  With our MaxumMat underfoot, you know you are grillin' & chillin' in comfort.  Keep it healthy, or load on the BBQ sauce – we recommend Michigan’s own Bella Rouge BBQ Sauce (it’s amazing!)  Either way, enjoy the smoky smells and delicious flavors of the brisket in comfort. 

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  • Attend a Baseball Game – Celebrating this great American pastime is best in the summertime. Grab your family, friends, or make some new friends at the game, and enjoy the evening. Make sure you buy some peanuts and cracker jacks for old times’ sake. Bring your glove, and try to catch a fly ball! Go Tigers!!
  • Make S’mores at a Bon Fire – Have you purchased an extravagant bon fire pit or have a DIY pit in your backyard? Well once you have that fire going strong, make sure you pull out the makings for a proper s’more! Don’t forget to double stack the chocolate and the marshmallows for extra gooeyness and extra fun. A little mess is worth it and you can enjoy it year round.
  • Take a Road Trip and Drive with the Windows Down- Last chance to break out the old school convertible (if you have one) and take a road trip with a friend. Roll down the windows, pick a destination you’ve never been to before, and just drive. Enjoy what’s left of the warm breeze blowing through your hair as you drive down the freeway. Throw on your favorite road trip mix and you’re all set!
  • Visit your Favorite Ice-Cream Spot- Every town has their favorite ice cream spot. With the summer coming to a close, evening ice cream runs become imperative. Try something new this time. This may be one of the last times until the season reopens next summer. Here in Michigan Moomers Rules…

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  • Read a Book on the Beach- Take a day to relax. Grab a new book that you’ve been meaning to start and head to the beach. Soak in the rays from the sun for an afternoon while enjoying your new read. Don’t worry about sitting on the hot sand, just grab your towel or a CompanionMat to sit on for the day.
  • Fall Asleep to the Last of the Season’s Thunderstorms- There is something so calming about a thunderstorm at night - you’re cozy in your bed and the light rumbles of thunder assist you while drifting away into slumber. Appreciate the few final night time storms this summer. Embrace Mother Nature’s rainstorms and use it as your sleep aid for the night.
  • Camp Outside and Stargaze- Can you find the big dipper? What about the North Star? Bring out the astrologist in you and set a warm, cloudless, summer night aside, pitch a tent in your backyard, and stargaze. You can even download a star map for that night (Click on interactive star map to download and print). How many constellations can you find? If you live near the city, drive outside of downtown for a clear sky, free of too many lights. The best views to stargaze are in country areas, mountains, or deserts.
  • Wear White! – As the rule applies, you only have a short amount of time left to wear all the white you want! Pull out your favorite white summer outfit and wear it all day, maybe just not on the evenings of the BBQ or S’more party. Messy food and your favorite whites don’t play nice.

Bonus Tip! Spend some time in the garden while you still can! Check out our tips for pain-free gardening those end-of-summer blooms, fruits and vegetables. 

The countdown for fall has nearly begun and even if the kids are going back to school, there are still plenty of beautiful summer nights and weekends to enjoy. Tell us what summertime activities you will be sure to complete before autumn sinks in! When you can't stay outdoors any longer, bring outdoor colors inside with the Estates Collection - Coastal selection of WellnessMats. Enjoy Beach Glass and Driftwood year-round!

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