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Happy National Hot Dog Day!  In WellnessMats’ home state of Michigan, we celebrate Hot Dog Day daily.  Except here we don’t call them hot dogs, we call them Coney’s.  While many may be familiar with the ‘Chicago Dog’… what many outside Michigan may not know is that we are passionate about Coney Dogs – it might be safe to say that they are part of our heritage.

A few weeks ago, Thrillist rated Michigan as the number one state in America – that’s right – voted us #1!  So, in honor of that distinction and this auspicious day, we are celebrating with a few Coneys. 

In Michigan, Coney Dogs are sold at…you guessed it…. Coney Island Restaurants.  They are ubiquitous all over our great state and serve every food item imaginable (breakfast, lunch and dinner)  - very similar to a New York diner.   Not to be confused with the famous Brooklyn tourist attraction with the same name (although we are pretty sure we did borrow the name), Michigan Coney Island restaurants are found everywhere from the heart of Detroit to Kalamazoo. So, you ask…. what is a Coney Dog?  It’s a hot dog topped with beef sauce (similar to chili but NOT), mustard and onions.   However, each Coney Island prides itself on its own version.


We’ll be honest, they may not be the prettiest dog, but they are pretty delicious. 

The idea of a Coney Island restaurant originated around the early 20th century in Michigan. The most famous are Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island.  They are not only fierce competitors but are positioned next door to each other in downtown Detroit.  Since 1917, people from all over the country will stop in to try a Coney dog from each location and put them to the test.  Which Coney is better? We cannot say - as many Michiganders still debate to this day.  However, we’d love to hear what you think.    

Next time you take a trip through Michigan, be sure to taste test the Coney dogs and let us know which you one you think is best!

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