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The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays.  Not only is it a great summer holiday, a three day weekend filled with friends, family, food and celebrations, but for us it is also a day to really reflect, take pause and take pride in our country.  We are proud to be Americans and truly grateful for the lives we have in this great country. 

And as we celebrate, us like everyone will have plenty of opportunities to exercise our freedom to choose, celebrate and purchase.  It is our right, and we ask – will you be buying American Made products?  What does Made in the USA mean to you? 

Many ask us, “Is being Made in America important? Can a single buying decision be construed as an act of patriotism?”  YES! 

As our economy continues to globalize, buying American made products matters more today than it ever has before.  You may hear and see the ‘push’ for Americans to buy and support American made products.  The fact is that when you buy products that are made in the USA, you aren’t just supporting the robust manufacturing base that built this country’s economy (the one that has consistently insured our freedom), you are helping to maintain and improve the status quo and the quality of our lives here in the USA. The livelihoods, jobs, and communities that we hold so dear to our hearts are the very things we celebrate on the Fourth of July. Buying American doesn’t just mean purchasing quality products made here, it’s an investment in the future and our way of life.

Each individual has a voice, and when that voice is heard, change is affected. Small, intentional gestures, like selecting to purchase a product Made in the USA can make big differences. We truly believe that exercising your freedom to choose American is an act that directly affects the well-being of you, your friends, family as well as your neighbors – the entire country as a whole.  American made products keep us strong, help keep us safe, and build the places where we live, work and play. We believe that our economy, our security and the prosperity of our children literally depends on it.

We’ll admit, manufacturing products in the USA is often more expensive, and it is a proactive business decision to keep a manufacturing base here at home. It is a calculated choice that exemplifies our shared pride and reinforces the spirit of American integrity. With so many companies enticed by the cheap, raw materials, unskilled labor, and the lack of regulation, the choice to import products from overseas can be easily dismissed as a business necessity, the easier choice. We disagree.  Manufacturing products in the USA is an act of patriotism.  A conscientious decision to defy the “conventional wisdom” of offshore production in favor or building a better American economy – those are the companies who proudly, actively support the American people at large.

As you enjoy this holiday weekend, we ask you to take a moment to consider the importance of made in USA. WellnessMats stands for comfort and healthy living. We stand for high quality products and a strong American economy. We stand for keeping skilled labor and jobs in the USA. And we support the communities we as a nation have worked so hard to create. Born in Michigan, WellnessMats is proud to stay 100% American made. As WellnessMats CEO Dan Bouzide says, “We will never compromise our products, values, or integrity by taking for shortcuts.”

Exercise the freedom to take a stand this Fourth of July, buy American…it’s time to take a stand!

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