7 Day #StaycationChallenge

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We’ve put together an entire week of adventure, fun, fulfillment and zen—all while never stepping foot outside your hometown.

Day 1 is all about y-o-u. When was the last time you treated yourself to a massage, a facial, a manicure, a pedicure...or how about all of the above? A visit to the spa or salon is a great way to spend a relaxing day either with a friend, significant other, or even by yourself. Take it as an opportunity to check out that new spa you’ve been wondering about. Or, if a day at the salon isn’t in the budget, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy the luxuries of the spa right at home. This DIY edible chocolate mud mask is chock full of skin-soothing (and tasty) ingredients. It’s perfect if you have kids at home who want to be pampered too :)


Day 2 (our favorite day) is all about food! Make the rounds to all of your hometown’s most popular eateries. Or, put your chef hat on and take the opportunity to cook or bake something extravagant, like these herb laminated biscuits or this salted caramel pretzel cheesecake. No matter what you choose to do, make sure you photo document all of your drinks, appetizers, main courses, snacks, and desserts throughout the day. Then share with your friends and use the hashtag #StaycationChallenge!

You may think you’ve seen it all in your hometown, but day 3 is all about finding adventure in those places least expected. We like to think of it as being a tourist in your own town. Does your hometown have any museums or theaters nearby? How about a zoo, parks or hiking trails? Or, if you’re in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned treasure hunt, Geocaching is your map to a great adventure. Wherever you find yourself on your staycation and no matter how well you think you know a place, there are always new experiences and fun to be had!


Whatever your passion may be, day 4 is the day to get better at it. So dust off that instrument, sports equipment or art supplies and take some time to finely tune your skills. For those that have kids, this might be the best time to put on your teaching hat and pass on your passions. Practice is the best thing to make your staycation perfect!


Whether you have kids, grandkids, or no kids at all—you’ll be sure to find a craft that you’ll enjoy. Day 5 is the day to go out on the town with your significant other and sign up for that paint-and-pour class you’ve been meaning to do! If you’d rather stay in, use this day to give your home a makeover. Paint a wall, hang up artwork, color your kitchen cabinets or beautify your landscaping. Or, if you’re on a tight budget, try this mosaic birdbath project using recycled DVDs!

Being active doesn’t need to be a chore. Day 6 is all about finding ways to get active while having fun! But don’t worry, you won’t have to look too hard. There are endless ways to enjoy being active...especially in pairs! So grab a buddy and take the dog out for a walk, shoot some hoops in the driveway, bring your frisbee to the park, or ride your bike around town. Get movin’!

You told yourself that you wouldn’t be surprised when the week flew by, but here we are at the end of your staycation. Day 7 is all about preparing yourself for the week ahead by making the time to relax and reflect. Cuddle up and watch that movie or read that book everyone has been talking about, and most importantly, recharge. A week full of fun can be exhausting, so take this time to bounce back!

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