Which WellnessMats Colorway of the Week Best Suits YOUR Style?

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We challenge you to find your MATch! With over 30 unique colorways, you’ll be sure to find the mat that best suits your personal style and personality. If you loved any of our colorways of the week this month, take this quiz to see which one of these four colorway matches your personality!  Which ‘color’ are you?

If you are…SEA MIST

Sometimes, slow and steady wins the race. Peaceful, and perceptive, the Sea Mist persona is the type to stop and smell the roses. You find beauty in the basics and intrigue and wonder in the little things. In your free time, you’re happiest spending quality time with your family, taking leisurely strolls through the wilderness, or burying your mind in a good book. You’re extremely intuitive and expressive, so much so, that your friends might call you a dreamer—and perhaps a bit quirky. You enjoy the artful and complex as much as you enjoy the simple pleasures in life that quiet the mind. Easygoing, you make an effort to be carefree and march to the beat of your own drum.



All that glitters is not gold…and no one knows this better than you. Knowledgeable, wise, thoughtful and introspective, the Antique Gold persona is the one everyone turns to for sound and solid advice during tough times. While sensible and astute, you are by no means a pessimist, and have a friendly and optimistic personality. With a heart of gold, you’re well known for your charisma, charm, and compassion towards others. You’re always willing to extend a helpful hand, open arms, or open ears. With your timeless, sophisticated style and magnetic charm, you make most tasks look easy. Your friends might ask you—what’s your secret?


If you are…CORAL

Every day is a new beginning and life is too short to live the same day twice. This is the mantra that the Coral persona lives by. Adventurous and spontaneous, you love to stimulate the senses in new environments and unfamiliar places. You live for new experiences. With a vibrant personality that radiates energy, your friends would all agree—the party doesn’t start until you walk in. Being the center of the spotlight doesn’t bother you in the slightest—your friends might add, you can be a flirt! With a confident and extroverted nature, you love having fun and sharing your many passions with new people. As much as you love social settings, you don’t rely on anyone else to be happy. You are your own light.


If you are…QUARTZ

Like the eye of the storm, it’s all about finding calm in the chaos. Whether trekking muddy trails, working out in sweats, or getting caught in the rain, the Quartz persona never fails to be graceful, calm, and collected no matter the circumstance. Classy and poised, you tread through life with caution and care so as not to burden your surroundings. You are most productive in a clean and orderly environment—and your friends might say you’re a bit of a perfectionist! You are well-liked for your down-to-earth and reliable nature, and you rarely fall back on your word. When tables turn to chaos, you are the one people flock to, because you know better than anyone that peaceful is powerful.   



Find your true colorway persona on wellnessmats.com. Browse through over 30 other colorways and 200+ color/pattern combinations that could be your perfect match!

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