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Perhaps, it’s because we are a kitchen and home product…or perhaps because of our healthy obsession with all things home and design…you can count on us to have a keen eye for the latest trends in home fashions and housewares. Every time we launch a new product, we partake in extensive industry and market research—we turn to none other than all of YOU to get the latest scoop on your needs and wants when it comes to making purchasing decisions for your homes.

When selecting our 27 new colorways for our Estates Collections, we thought of you through the entire process! We carefully considered what colorways are not only on-trend this year, but also timeless, elegant, beautiful, relevant, and fitting for a wide range of homes and aesthetics. To our delight, at this year’s International Home and Housewares Show (IHHS 2015), our hunches, predictions, and market research were all very much affirmed!

Here are just a few of the many home and housewares trends we've spotted at IHHS 2015 and beyond!

1   //   Gold & Metallic

After receiving such a widely positive response since launching our Granite Mat, with its soft metallic shimmer, we now know for sure, metallics are all the rage! Stainless steel appliances and exposed brass piping are everywhere—and we love it…styled gorgeously in kitchens, bathrooms, exterior spaces, and well, every room in the home! We wanted to bring some of that vibrant brassiness of our Granite mat into our newest line, hence Estates Essentials—our collection of soft patinas, burnished golds, and silver leaf washes over a variety of deep colored undertones. The result is stunning! Our Essentials Mats remind us of a country side Estate. We are clearly not alone in our metallic obsession. We’re in love with this new Champagne Gold Stand Mixer we found at IHHS 2015 from KitchenAid. We spotted metallic accents, accessories and appliances all across the show floor! It was golden…literally!


2   //   Bold Color

Beyond metallic, we’ve also noticed a resurgence of spring robin egg blues, bursting reds, and pops of bold, loud color. We understand why! After a long harsh winter here in Michigan, it felt so refreshing to see so much color. The IHHS 2015 floor was alive! We were particularly drawn to blue and red—these two colors in combination, alone, or paired with other color arrangements look stunning in all kinds of kitchens. They never fail to add a pop of vibrancy to drab winters or pump in even more sunshine into the home during the warm seasons. When ideating colors for our newest Estates Coastal line, we did not shy away from blue and red—in every shade! We thought to ourselves…deep royal blues or pastel misted blues? Deep burgundy reds or bright tangy red? Deciding this was tricky…so we created them all! Estates Coastal boasts many shades of blue, red, and even sun-kissed pinks and sand tones. This year—it’s all about COLOR.


3   //   Retro & Vintage

There were moments when we’d look around the show and wonder…did we just travel back in time? So many new accessories and appliances had a 1950’s retro spin! That, or an antique and vintage flair. We loved both. A lot of the retro inspired products were adorned in beautiful and striking colors as well—and you know what we say…color is the spice of life! Our favorite vintage style appliances might have been from Smeg. We are dying to know what one of our vintage inspired Antique Mats would look like in a vintage style kitchen! Perhaps our Antique Linen Mat placed in front of this adorable chic retro fridge?


4   //   Patterns & Prints

Color alone is one thing. Top solid color with interesting and unique patterns and textures, and that is the cherry on top! When creating our new colorways, we made sure to offer each color in a variety of our favorite classic Motif Patterns. Entwine, Trellis, Bella, and Moiré are our favorites of course! At the show, we saw so many different patterns and textures, especially in the textiles and tabletop décor departments. Some of the patterns we noticed even played into the retro and vintage theme. Let’s just say, a lot of stripes! It’s not always obvious, but sometimes splashing your tabletop with a fun print or texture makes a world of difference when it comes to first impressions and presentation. We love this textured napkin ring paired with this dotted table linen spotted by Hampton Forge at the show!


5   //   Health Focused

This might be the best of all trends—because we’re hoping it’s not just a trend, but a permanent change in lifestyle! Is it just us…or are more and more products promoting healthier living and eating? Walking around IHHS 2015, we were very proud to be one of many health conscious products on the floor looking out for your health! As you know, WellnessMats are made using proprietary Advanced Polyurethane material. On the outside…what looks like a colorful rubber mat is actually not rubber at all! Our mats are constantly working to take the stress and strain off of your feet, ankles and limbs while you stand. The health benefits of standing on a WellnessMat include ergonomic support, improved circulation and posture, heightened energy, muscle conditioning, improved balance, weight suspension, and shock absorption—to name just a few! Our mats, particularly FitnessMat, are also perfect for stationary workouts, yoga, and meditation.


We noticed that we are not alone on our quest for healthier living. Incorporating more balanced and simple methods of preparing foods was also a huge trend, products helping people shift away from heavily processed foods towards prep-at-home and from-scratch methods. We noticed a lot of juicers, multifunctional cookware, and blenders! One of our favorites was this NutriMill Harvest—an electric grain mill for the home, made for those looking to process their own grains at home!


All in all – we had a great time at the show. However, our keen eye for trends in home and décor doesn’t close here! We always have our ears open for feedback and love hearing directly from you. If you have any new ideas for product you would like to see this year, or anything we’ve missed, let us know! Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, or via our contact page.


Be well,

The WellnessMats Team


Photo courtesy of prnewswire.com, reokitchen.com, petersofkensington.com.au, armaghelectrical.com, twitter.com/hamptonforge, cbsnews.com

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