WellnessMats at IHA: 2015 International Home and Housewares Show Recap

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Wow!  What an amazing experience we had at the International Home and Housewares show, or as our social media team calls it #IHHS2015! The weekend flew by—in a flash! 

We had an absolute blast—we could not have had a better time. We also want to give a humongous THANK YOU to all of you (retailers, reps, friends and fans) who came out to Chicago, and to our chef friends who supported us…while our mats supported them at the Cooking Theater!

Cooking with Caitlin (@cookingwcaitlin), Chef Lorena Garcia (@lorenagarcia), Pastry Chef Mindy Segal (@mindysegal), and the one and only Paula Deen (@paula_deen) enjoying a retreat for their feet on our mats!


Every year it’s a tough call where to draw the most attention—on the tantalizingly yummy food? Or the emerging trends in design and kitchenware? It’s a sensory overload! Hands down… (or should we say, feet down) this year the show was all about COLOR. Colorful food and colorful kitchenware—clearly, we’re not alone when it comes to our new color obsession. :) 

Launching our newest Estates color collection, meeting and greeting with our favorite editors, bloggers, influencers and providing both moral and ‘ground support’ (like we always do!) for some of our all-time favorite chefs…we were thrilled to have been a sponsor of the cooking theatre.

Our pal Chef Duff Goldman (@Duff_Goldman) getting comfy while baking on his WellnessMats at the Cooking Theater.


We were able to host a handful of chef trivia giveaways for the audience. And we must say…it NEVER gets old seeing someone’s face light up when they realize they’ve won.

As humble as our celebrity chef friends are, it’s equally fun to see their faces light up when they realize just how many fun facts and information their fans really do know about them.

As for the interesting, diverse, and enticing foods…

The talented Beth Le Manach (@EntWithBeth) from Entertaining with Beth prepped a speedy and delicious brunch.  She paired her salmon-lox spread over pumpernickel with an assorted fruit arrangement. Sunny cantaloupe and sweet tart berries sure do make the best wake-up food!

Stephanie Izard (@stephandthegoat) amazed us with her hand-pulled noodles. She made her ‘slapping noodles’ look suspiciously easy! Could it really be that simple? We’re not so sure…but we may just have to try making these at home soon. Fluffy and textured, they tasted a lot like dumplings!

Of course…we never miss happy hour! Tony Abou-Ganim (@mdrnmixologist), also known as the Modern Mixologist, quenched our thirst with some of his top-grade delicious cocktails. With a whip of egg whites, a dash of lime…and the perfect amount of frothiness…watching Tony prep his mixed drinks was making us very thirsty backstage! As you can see, the amazing and all-around great person Chef Anupy Singla (@IndianApplePie) joined us as well…and also gave us tastes of her amazing dish!

It’s amazing to think just how far we’ve come since the last show…and we are happy to say, the chefs loved our new colorways! We can’t help but wonder what next year will bring…and what new WellnessMats may be on the horizon in 2016 :)


Be well,

The WellnessMats Team

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