Happy Feet, Happy Pets! WellnessMats One-day Flash Giveaway for Love Your Pet Day

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It’s funny….we have put years of R & D into developing the very best anti-fatigue mat for HUMANS (and we think we have done a pretty good job).  However, what we find time and time again is that four legged friends love WellnessMats almost as much as their human friends do.  Especially dogs….Dogs love our mats!  (But we don’t overlook cats – they have been known to take many a nap on a WellnessMat.)

We guess it should not be such a surprise.  Our mats are supportive and comfortable.  And they are 100% safe and non-toxic and virtually indestructible. Believe us, we have tried….cats claws?  No problem.  We have dropped knives on our mats – fine, we drove over our mats (even with a pan) nothing.  Hot oil…nothing. So what’s not to love? We have had countless inquiries about our mats and pets – and can safely say that our mats are indeed pet-proof and pet-loved. 


Pet lover? Today is your lucky day. 
So in recognition of Love Your Pet Day we’re hosting a last minute today-only giveaway! We want to share the love.  Love for our pets and for you!   And want to hear from you and meet your favorite four-legged friend. So….


Post a picture of your cozy pets on the WellnessMats Facebook page!
In order to enter, post your favorite pet pic of your furry pals in their comfy spot—be it their own pet beds, YOUR bed, or really, anywhere. Post the images on WellnessMats Facebook page and be automatically entered to win a 3x2 Estates WellnessMat in any colorway and pattern of choice. ***Bonus points*** if your pet is nuzzled on a WellnessMat!


(Visit our Facebook page to enter here.)


WellnessMats have a number of what we like to call ‘Mattributes’ that make them so pet perfect. Claws, fur, dirt, mud, spills, messes, and even slobbery kisses are no match for a WellnessMat. Sharp claws and muddy paws? Challenge accepted. Capsized his food and water bowls again? No problem. And here is why:


All WellnessMats are:

  • Pet proof
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Antimicrobial
  • Puncture resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Non-toxic (Because we know, pets will try eating anything once)


So whip out those camera phones and send in your favorite pictures of your pets! Post your photos via the WellnessMats official Facebook page. One lucky pet (or perhaps the cutest kitten…) will win his owner a new WellnessMat!


Happy feet, happy pets, and good luck!

-The WM team



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