It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. In the end, it was a really good time

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Dateline: Dallas/Ft. Worth TX,
February 4th, 2011
Location: Tim Love’s Love Shack 7

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. In the end, it was a really good time
(for two really great causes!) 

Let’s start at the beginning – needless to say, WellnessMats was absolutely thrilled to have been asked once again to participate in one of Mario Batali’s prestigious charitable fundraisers. Aptly named the Spaghetti Western (for the location and pre-game festivities, and Mario’s Italian prowess) – this pre Super Bowl XLV – party (Steelers vs. Packers) benefitted The Mario Batali Foundation, and the Moyer Foundation. 

We were on hand literally and figuratively “supporting the cause” (and the chefs) including Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, Tim Love, and Guy Fieri to name only a few. It was an amazing event for two great causes: The Mario Batali Foundation ( and the Moyer Foundation’s Camp Erin ( – both charities benefit children. Before we go any further, we have to give a huge ‘shout out’ to Karen and Jamie Moyer and their entire team as well as Mario’s deluxe team – Darcie and Susan –who collectively saved the event and the day! Save the day – What? Why? Well, just keep reading… 

Early Friday morning, (Feb. 4) we anxiously packed our bags and headed for Dallas, TX. Leaving Detroit, we were dreaming of warmer temperatures and clear sunny skies….only to touch down and find what can only be called “unseasonable bad weather.” We were greeted with 7″ of snow and ice (yup, in Texas!), not a remote sign of snow removal for hundreds of miles and, to top it all off, a citywide cab strike. 

The whole experience gave new meaning to the phrase ‘Spaghetti Western’…where was our cowboy in white, anyway? He wasn’t waiting in a checker cab, but he did come to us in the form of Kevin, my off-the-clock cabbie. Kevin, my Jamaican biochemist-come-cabdriver cut his driving teeth driving in Jersey – and that’s all we’re going to say about Jersey drivers…he was literally our knight in shining armor! Kevin drove with acumen only witnessed by only the most well-seasoned snow drivers (or those who have dodged their share of Jersey drivers…). We arrived fully intact and on time – at the Love Shack! 

While the snow was a huge shock (it was not supposed to snow, and it’s Dallas!). It didn’t slow anyone down, not even for a moment. Despite the seemingly unfavorable if not impossible conditions, everybody went straight into action. A very last-minute relocation from Tim Love’s Love Shack ( to an alternate event location due to…well, let’s call it an unfortunate tent cave-in due to heavy snow…more on that later. The team created a great event inside a vacant nearby building. Tables, stage, cooking venue, auction items/tables, heaters, you name it – all moved and set-up…just in the nick of time. 

We won’t even get into the fact that half of our WellnessMats were ‘delayed’ due to the in climate weather. This is the part where Kevin, our knight-in-shining-armor comes in once again. He arrived just in time to whisk us away – a mere 25+ miles away – to the only Williams-Sonoma ( store open in the entire region (due to the snowstorm…this is Dallas/Ft. Worth by the way). We needed a few extra mats given the ‘scale change’ of the event location to ensure we were all set. Long story short, they had them. We must give yet another big ‘shout out’ to Mary Lou who is the manager of the Williams-Sonoma South Lake location – she stayed open that evening just waiting for us! Mats in tow, Kevin whisked us once more back to the Love Shack. 

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