WellnessMats announces the final gifts for our Fab Five for Mother’s Day Give-a-way!

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The final gifts – yes we said gifts as this is another two for one – are…

A Lynne’s Whim Apron

Fin Bottles

 A Lynne’s Whim Apron  

(winner’s choice) and  a set of four Fin Bottles!

Look beautiful and stay hydrated…   We discovered both of these new products at this spring’s International Housewares Show.  As we were busily running back and forth from the cooking theater – meeting awesome chefs and allowing all to stand on our mats, we were literally stopped in our tracks by these two new products.  And, like WellnessMats, both Lynne’s Whim Aprons and Fin Bottles are proudly made in the USA!

The first gift is an apron of winner’s choice from Lynne’s Whim.
This gift is brought to you by Lynne’s Whim (and Lynne herself who is a smart, talented and awesome woman) atwww.lynneswhim.com.

Lynne’s Whim Aprons are simply – beautiful.  We all cook a great deal, so why not look good while doing it?  We were struck by her amazing patterns, colors, and design.   As Lynne herself says,

“You’re beautiful, you can cook and your outfit is lovely. You almost have it all. Now all you need is a Lynne’s Whim apron. There, perfect.”

The second gift – winner gets both – is a

Set of 4 – Fin Water Bottles, one for everyone in the family!     

Courtesy of our friends at MicroThin.


FIN bottles are pretty amazing – and green too.  They made from a BPA-free and FDA-approved plastic that will remain crystal clear for the life of the bottle – this is your permanent water bottle.  Dishwasher safe, incredibly hard (you can’t break this stuff!), we chose these bottles for their sheer genius and simplicity all in one.

To top it off – you can personalize your bottles. You can either design your own artwork or choose from FIN’S wide selection of imagery.


Simply remove the FIN card and insert your name, image, or logo! Replace the FIN silicone gasket to secure in place.  It’s that easy to make your own customized bottle…

Like Lynne at Lynne’s Whim, we met the team from MicroThin in Chicago after we saw Chef Morimoto carrying around his own FIN bottle!  Needless to say, if it’s good enough for Iron Chef Morimoto, it’s good enough for us.

We thought it was perfect for the busy family; no more grabbing each other’s stuff on the way out the door, they’re clearly marked!

But don’t take our word for it; trust one of our favorite celebrity chefs, Guy Fieri!

It’s WellnessMats way of saying THANK YOU to all the Mother’s out there for all that they do.

We appreciate you.

As they say at Fin, Magnify Your Message…


GREAT free stuff, just a few of our favorites that we wanted to share with you!  So  go become a fan of WellnessMats and enter today!

Hurry up and enter before it’s too late…     

All Five winners will be announced tomorrow!

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