Why do YOU need a WellnessMats this holiday season?

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Thanks to everyone for being patient while we got the new website launched.
If you have not had a chance to do so, please check it out.  We’d love to get your feedback.

A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to tell us

Why do YOU need a WellnessMats this holiday season?

and WOW…did you ever tell us!

We were thrilled, touched, excited, and very impressed
with your clever and thoughtful responses.

As our WellnessMats tagline suggests and you’ve heard us say a thousand times,
Standing is believing…

Since the holidays are now very much upon us, we’ll all be standing in our kitchens for longer periods of time than usual.    With that in mind, we decided to have some fun and hear from you – and share some comfort & WellnessMats “love” along the way.

Thank you again to all who entered.  We wish you all health & well-being this season….

So without further adieu, here are the three winning entries!

 Our First Place Winner!
“Helen from British Columbia”

 A Holiday Scheme…
A wellness mat on the kitchen floor-
back aches and foot aches and knee pain no more!

A nice comfy mat for standing upon,
until all the gross dirty dishes are gone.

The holidays always take it out of me.
I get pain in my joints, my back and my knee.

They bring with them their own special stress,
and leave the kitchen a god-awful mess.

If I got a nice new wellness mat
I could pry the kids away from the cat.

They would stand at the sink like it was a cloud
and clean all the dishes, I’d be so proud!

Unfortunately my clever scheme
is nothing more than a far off dream.

But if i win one, it would be grand,
my family would complete all the tasks that I’ve planned.

Washing dishes, clean up the shop,
to work they’d go with a quick little hop.

I think I need one, and need it quite soon,
today all the chores- tomorrow the moon!

Our 2nd Prize Winner:
“Grace from North Carolina”

WellnessMats Wish…
My tootsies could use a Pure Comfort Zone break,
From kitchen floors that make them perpetually ache,

This holiday season,
WellnessMats are the reason,

Cooking a feast is a piece of cake!

Our 3rd Prize Winner:
“Amy from Ohio”

Lovin’ at my Oven
(My feet need some lovin’ while I’m standing at my oven!)

When my stomach was heavy and prego,
So much weight to be borne on my legs–oh!

My wellnessmat saved me,
What comfort it gave me!

It kept me from getting lumbago.  : )

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