It is a conundrum and a real, very real problem:  the more time we spend working away at our desks, the more our life expectancy decreases.   And its not what you think.  It is not because of the stresses we all encounter at work (yes, there is even occasional stress here at WellnessMats), nor is it because the jobs themselves are dangerous.  The fact is that prolonged sitting is killing us.  Yep, we said it…sitting for too long is bad for you!

Sitting Is Killing You…

Let’s look at the facts for a minute.  Studies show that sitting more than six hours a day increases your chance of dying within 15 years by 40%.  40% is an awful lot…..Why?  Because your body basically shuts down when you sit: you stop burning calories, the enzymes that break down fat stop breaking it down, and even the effectiveness of insulin fails – and more! These bodily reactions to sitting contribute to obesity and cardiovascular disease, not to mention back and neck problems (   So our advice…simple.  Stand up!

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that many of us work on computers all day. If you are like us, you spend hours in front of a computer…hours spent sitting.  In fact, sometimes hours fly by and you have not stood up once. So what to do?  How can we avoid cutting years off our lives while just trying to make a living?   Well, there are actually many things that can be done to help combat the short and long-term effects of prolonged sitting. For starters, make a point to move around throughout the day. Make phone calls while pacing around the office, start implementing walking meetings, grab a coworker and take a short walk at your lunch hour or even look into a standing desk.

Many of our customers use WellnessMats for there standing desks. Featured is the Black Bella Motif WellnessMat.



 Whatever you can do during the day to ‘take a stand’ will help and don’t forget about after work.  There are things you can do after work hours too.   First, don’t just come home and crash on the couch.  Come home and take a stand!   Take a walk.  Cook dinner, or maybe just stand in front of the TV….And maybe, just maybe take a stand on WellnessMats (you knew we had to say it.)

Ok – so you take this to heart and are focusing more on ‘standing.’  You are making a concerted effort at home – cooking, cleaning, etc., you are standing more which is great for your health – but not so much for your back (not to mention feet & knees.)   This ‘ache’ is the primary complaint of those who spend a lot of time on their feet.  Luckily, there are breakthrough products designed to make standing for long periods of time more comfortable.  Anyone thinking WellnessMats?!

WellnessMats are the perfect solution to keep you comfortable while on your feet. WellnessMats reduce impact on the legs and back.  They improve circulation, reduce
back stress and decrease fatigue.  Vow to spend more of your time standing, help increase your life expectancy and improve your health, and don’t forget to use your Wellness Mat!  Take a stand for your health, take a stand on WellnessMats.