7 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Kids and Parents

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We realize how important it is to stay active as you age in order to feel as healthy as possible. We’re all about both health and wellness (or we wouldn’t call ourselves WellnessMats!) and we love anything that helps keep us both active and entertained. For any of you moms and dads, you know that having kids is an activity all on its own! Keeping up with the kids and their activities is a good way to incorporate even simple, active, fun into your daily routine.

You don’t necessarily need to run a marathon a day to stay fit. Even the small things (like doing dishes!) shed calories. And it is very possible to enjoy yourself while attempting to stay fit—especially if you’re in the company of your kids. Even spending 20 minutes a day doing fun activities with the family will give your metabolism a healthy boost.

We’ve searched high and low for a variety of fun, simple, and inexpensive activities that you can enjoy with your children, for both indoor and outdoor play. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone—your kids will stay busy and so will you! One of our favorite games for kids may have to be the Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch. Kids love the sound of popping bubble wrap, and jumping is a great way to exercise both inside and outdoors!

7 Indoor/Outdoor Games for Parents and Kids: 

1. DIY Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch

2. Twister on the Grass

3. Side Walk Chalk Paint

4. Sock Bubbles

5. DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

6. Popsickle Stick Chain Reaction

7. DIY Balancing Board

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