Our 5 Favorite Places to Use Anti-Fatigue WellnessMats Outdoors

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Here at WellnessMats, we realize that busy people never spend too much time in any one spot. We keep pretty busy around here, too (too busy!) and love using our WellnessMats throughout the home, office, and even outdoor spaces. For those of you who haven’t gotten around to placing one of our durable, anti-fatigue mats outside of your home, we figured we’d share our top 5 favorite places where WellnessMats work just as well outdoors as they do indoors.


1. In Front of the Grill

For those holiday BBQ weekends, you can stay standing flipping burgers as long as you need to without getting tired.


2. Veranda

Instead of sitting on your veranda, try placing a few WellnessMats around your chairs. You can stand and look out at the view just as comfortably as sitting!


3. Garage

Leaving your WellnessMat right outside your garage—or keeping it in the garage—will do your feet, legs, and back wonders when your tuning up your car, or working on whatever projects left unfinished in the garage!


 4. Patio

WellnessMats are perfect for patio spaces – especially for parents with young children while watching them as they play. Standing, instead of sitting, will help you stay more active and will get you to your kids quicker for falls and scraped knees.


 5. Dock

If you’re lucky enough to live on a lake, WellnessMats are a great addition to a dock. You can stand out there all day fishing, mending your boat, or watching your kids swim, and aching feet and limbs won’t ever be an issue.

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