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For those of you who are unfamiliar, meet Mario Batali, our featured Chef of the month!

Mario Batali is a dear friend of WellnessMats! We’ve worked closely with him and his non-profit organization The Mario Batali Foundation (MBF) in previous WellnessMats sponsored events. MBF raises funds for various issues related to the welfare of children. From the words of Mario himself, “MBF strives to ensure all children are well read, well fed and well cared for.” Mario Batali, being the father of two boys (who are growing to be great chefs just like their dad!), truly know the value and impact of MBF–it’s a great cause and we are always glad to support in any way.


Mario Batali’s specialty is Italian all the way. From Mozzarella in Carozza to Salsiccie con Polenta – he’s got the (perfect) recipe. If we had to list all of his accomplishments and awards since the start of his cooking career, it would probably take a few pages. But just to name a few, Mario Batali is a multi-award-winning chef and restauranteur, author of nine cookbooks, and cuisine personality on ABC’s “The Chew”. He has also frequented the Today Show, Good Morning America, MARTHA, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the CBS Early Show. Mario’s Italian dishes can be enjoyed at top star eateries across the nation—and across the world!


For Mario, good food is usually made up of three essentials – quality ingredients, creativity, and good company. Great meals are not as enjoyable without his wife, Susi Cahn (of Coach Dairy Goat Farm) and two sons Benno and Leo sitting around the table. And when it comes to quality ingredients, Mario Batali never settles for less than fresh. If you can make it yourself, do it. If you can buy in-season, do it. According to Mario,

“Once you’ve put your groceries in the car, the quality of your dinner has already been decided.”

Mario’s kitchen pet peeve? Being boring. When asked what drives him crazy about cookbooks, he said that

“Cookbooks have all become baroque and very predictable. I’m looking for something different. A lot of chefs’ cookbooks are food as it’s done in the restaurants, but they are dumbed down, and I hate it when they dumb them down.”

And if you’re trying hard (like Mario) to take boring out of your diet, a word of advice from Mario is to “Close your eyes and place your finger on a map. Wherever it lands, that’s the theme of the evening. So many times we settle for routine dishes. This forces you to try new cuisines.”

Keep an eye out this month for fresh, home-cooked Italian recipes made special by Mario Batali and featured on our blog. We love keeping up with the latest Mario Batali recipes because he brings everything we love about Italian dining and fresh foods far beyond spaghetti – (not that we dislike spaghetti).

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