While sitting all day is never good for your body, neither is standing on hard surfaces! It’s best to have a balance of walking and daily activity paired with resting when needed. If you happen to have a job that requires extensive standing — or if you know someone who does — a WellnessMat is the answer to your aching feet’s prayers!

Top Professions that Benefit from WellnessMats:

Corporate + Office Workers

Turning a standard desk into a standing desk is very simple — just layer on another (short) table on top, throw a WellnessMat on the floor, and then say goodbye to leg cramps!


Hair Dressers + Salon Settings

The only time hair stylist ever get a break from standing is when they’re not at work on another head of hair! A WellnessMat is the perfect companion for a stylist’s chair — if you’re a stylist, you should feel as comfortable as your client!


Hospital + Medical Faculty

Doctors, nurses and all medical staff are constantly on their feet. If you work in a hospital, treat your feet with a Companion Mat! It’s comfort on the move.


Chefs + Kitchen Aids

Mario Batali uses WellnessMats in all of his kitchens at home!And Mario Batali isn’t the only professional chef who loves WellnessMats in the kitchen. A must-have cooking companion for chefs on their feet.


Stay At Home Parents + Au Pairs 

 Whether you are a stay at home parent or sitter, it’s a full time job of being on your feet and on the move. Keeping up with the kids and the house gets tiresome on feet + legs. So relieve your body of aches and pains with a WellnessMat!