5 Minute Breakfast Favorites for the Busy Work Week

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Most mornings mean on-the-go and in-a-hurry. But even if you have somewhere to be in less than 10 minutes, it’s still not an excuse for leaving breakfast out of your morning routine with these 5-minute breakfast recipes. Their simplicity and 5-minute prep time doesn’t interfere with flavor, either. Your taste buds and hunger will be satisfied! At least, until lunch time.
Pinapple-Rasberry Yogurt Parfait
All you need is yogurt, fruit, and and a spoon — then you’re ready to dig in.




Breakfast Pizza
Instead of left over pizza from last night, use a scoop of ricotta cheese and baby tomatoes on a slice of baguette.


Triple Berry Smoothie
Keep a bag of frozen berries in your freezer and a tub of yogurt in your fridge and you’ll have everything you need for a 5-minute smoothie fix.
Cereal Sundae
Think of this like a (healthy) ice-cream sundae for breakfast, but with granola + yogurt instead!


Two Minute Scrambled Eggs
No one has to know there was a microwave involved in any of this.


Orange Cranberry Wheat Germ Muffins
You’ll have to bake these the night before, but once you have a tin full, you’ll have breakfast ready for the week!


Waffles with Honey Yogurt Topping
Keep a box of frozen waffles in your freezer and mix up a sweet (and delicious) honey yogurt the night before for your topping. Add fruit for extra flavor + to curb hunger longer.

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