Meet Anupy Singla: Featured Chef of the Month

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Introducing our featured chef of the month: Anupy Singla!

If you are unfamiliar with Chef Anupy Singla, you probably know Anupy as Chicago’s first Indian-American news anchor. After working as a reporter and journalists for Tribune Co. (owner of CLTV and WGN), Channel 9, and Bloomberg News, Anupy decided to hold off on reporting and venture into the culinary scene–and she’s been cooking up taste-worthy meals ever since!

Anupy’s recipes truly bring a unique, diverse flavor into the mix — blending the richness of Indian cuisine with simplicity and ease. As a former reporter, and now full time mother of two daughters, Anupy understands what it means to be busy. What she also knows, is how to create recipes perfect for busy bodied families with little time, but big appreciation for healthy, homemade meals.


After deciding to place hold on reporting, her first passion, Anupy dedicated her time to teaching her two daughters about  traditional Indian Punjabi-style cooking–just as her grandfather taught her as a girl. Her experimentation with Indian dining has progressed through her blog, Indian As Apple Pie, and has evolved into a number of cookbooks. Her first, The Indian Slow Cooker features 50 healthy, authentic, and most importantly, simple-to-make, Indian recipes using a slow cooker, an idea inspired by her mother’s cooking that saved her a lot of time in the kitchen! Her second book, Vegan Indian Cooking is a favorite among vegetarian and vegans and is full of meatless and savory meal ideas.

“I’ve always wanted to write a cookbook — from the moment that my grandfather visiting from a tiny village in India gave me my first cooking lesson. I was just 10 at the time. He and my father are the huge foodies in the family. The idea was to combine the love of traditional Indian food with my mom’s quest to make it easy by cooking it in a slow cooker. I loved writing it because it’s how I managed to feed my family healthy food on a reporter’s schedule — short on personal time and energy. I’m hoping with this book to help so many people who are scrambling to get through their days but still want to teach their children the importance of good, healthy, homemade food.” — Anupy Singla on her cookbooks


Anupy has taken her love of cooking beyond just teaching her daughters, and also offers cooking classes, having taught at foodie venues including Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, and Whole Foods Market. You can contact Anupy for cooking lessons here on her blog.

And check back for more on Anupy coming soon!

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