Anupy Singla Cooks in Comfort

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We had the pleasure of getting to know Chef Anupy Singla at one of our previous events, where Anupy used WellnessMats in her test kitchen! Like the other chefs at the event, Anupy loved the mats! WellnessMats especially added a boost of comfort after she’d been walking around, standing, and cooking in her high heeled (but very cute…) booties that day!


It’s impossible to say which of Anupy’s zesty Indian recipes is our favorite…all of her dishes are bursting with flavor and she uses so many Indian spices in simple ways that you might never have thought to try before! Anupy has actually put together her own  Spice Tiffin  which includes all of the essential spices needed in her recipes. It makes cooking Indian-style way easier, placing the best-quality, richest spices right at your fingertips. It’s an awesome idea — we love it!


Anupy’s Spice Tiffin available for purchase HERE

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