5 DIY Wall Decals for the Home

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Sometimes, adding a pop of color to a white wall can give the impression of an entire room makeover. Decorating the walls of your home does not necessarily mean spending top-dollar on expensive portraits and paintings, though! We love the look of these homely (and modestly priced) DIY projects! They really will brighten up and personalize your room and/or office and make you fall in love with your living spaces all over again:


Plate Collage

You don’t have to buy new expensive plates to hang on the wall — dig up your old plates that you don’t use instead. If you hate the look of your old plates, then you can spray paint them to make them a uniform color. If you don’t have old plates, check your local Good Will.


Paint the stack of shoe boxes you’ve been saving. With some paint and decorative vases (make sure they’re light/plastic) you’d never know it was a shoe box!


Photo Clock

For this DIY, you’ll need a clock making kit. This project is great and timeless because you can continue to switch out your Polaroids or Instagram prints as often as you like! For a more polished look, mount each photo into a mini frame.


Flower Prints

If you have a garden, or know someone who’d be willing to share theirs, you can make your own floral prints! These look cute hung on strings or framed. Tutorial here.


TP Faux Cast Iron

No, this wall accent isn’t made out of sheet metal. And yes, TP stands for toilet paper–well, the cardboard rolls at least. This piece made by myrtleandeunice.com  was inspired from this tutorial here.

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