6 Ways to Wellness with Relaxation

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All of us experience stress at some point! But not all of us know how to deal with the stresses of our lives. Whether it’s stress at work or at home, it’s important to be mindful of it and important to do what you can to alleviate yourself from your anxieties. These 6 simple tips for relaxation have helped relieve a lot of stress for us here at WellnessMats!

1. Do Nothing

Devout 10-15 minutes of your day (but not more…) to sit on your comfy couch or chair and do absolutely nothing. You probably spend every minute of the day thinking about everything you have to do and then juggling to get everything done! Taking a few minutes to completely relax both body and mind can feel like a vacation from the stress of everyday.

2. Concern Yourself with Others

If you find yourself overly focused on the trials and tribulations of your own life, spend a few moments focusing on those of someone else. Call up a friend or family member and ask how they’re doing and what they’re up to. Listening intently and offering sincere advice to someone else can help take your mind off of your own stresses–and may lead you to follow your own advice!


3. Do Yoga

Yoga is a discipline for both the mind and body that can help you feel your best both from within and without. Certain yoga positions like Viparita Karani (laying on the floor with your legs up against the wall), can help improve sleep, fitness and overall well being, while reducing stress. One of many reasons why we love Fitness Mat!

4. Get Organized

It can be that the stressful chaos you’re feeling on the inside may in part be coming from the disorder on the outside. Taking time every week — or every day — to tidy up the surrounding area where you spend the bulk of your time can be a great stress reducer. Before starting your work day, take 5 minutes to sort out everything at your desk.

5. Listen to Music

Simply playing a track list of your favorite tunes in the background can make an activity that once felt stressful into something somewhat enjoyable. If the house is a disaster and you have to clean for your guests (arriving within the hour…), play your favorite CD or radio station and sing + dance along while you clean. If you’re stressed at work or in a public setting, headphones come in handy.

6. Plan a Vacation

If stress is getting in the way of productivity, devote a portion of your lunch break to planning your perfect vacation. A quick Google search of the worldly places you’ve always wanted to visit can take your mind off of stress and change your mood from stressed to excited.

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