Kid-Friendly Vegetarian Lunches for Back-to-School

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Of course, the beginnings of back-to-school means the beginnings of packing lunches — and preferably, healthy lunches! And no, healthy does not have to mean boring and it certainly doesn’t have to mean tasteless. Whether you’re packing lunch for your kids or yourself, your family will love these tasty, healthy and vegetarian lunch options.

Vegetarian Chocolate Chili

Yes, we mean real chocolate. Your kids will be sure to get a kick out of eating chocolate for lunch! Well…sort of. Try Real Simple’s Vegetarian Chocolate Chili Recipe Here.

Sunny “ManCado” Bagel-wich Panini

This recipe from Lunch Box Bunch is completely vegan — if you use vegan bread (which most store-bought breads are). Instead of adding flavor with tomato slices, Lunch Box Bunch uses Mandarin oranges for a burst of “sunny” flavor your kids will love. Try the Sunny ManCado Bagel-wich Panini recipe here.

Almond Tuna Salad Sandwich

It’s hard to believe this is not actually tuna! Instead, Babble uses a nutty almond tuna-substitute. The perfect, healthy, vegetarian lunchbox sandwich! Try the Almond Tuna Salad Sandwich recipe here.


Rainbow Veggie Wraps


This is a vegetarian lunch option that begs for creativity! Your kids won’t just like eating these veggie wraps — they’ll also enjoy making them. If you’re kids aren’t big into veggies…you can also substitute the veggies with colorful diced fruit instead. Try out Lunch Box Brunche’s Rainbow Veggie Wrap recipe here.

Cucumber & Avocado Rolls

These Asian-inspired rolls are light, healthy, crunchy and delicious. One good thing about these rolls that the kids will appreciate is they can be served warm or cold, so they don’t need to be reheated. Try Williams-Sonoma’s Cucumber & Avocado Roll recipe here.

Banana Cashew Balls

And after eating a healthy lunch…treat your kids (and of course, treat yourself) with a healthy sweet. It’ll be hard to resist a second helping of Fat Free Vegan’s banana cashew balls! Try the recipe here.

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