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This month, our Featured Mat of September is Companion Mat — our most versatile, portable, and miniature addition to our Wellness collection. Don’t let Companion Mat’s small size (22″ x 18″) fool you into thinking it isn’t as useful — it’s functionality is only limited by the number of places you’re willing to carry it along!

We’ve listed only a handful of our favorite uses for Companion Mat — we hope you’ll love yours as much as we do! Don’t forget — FREE SHIPPING on your online orders all through September.

1. Garage + Work Studio


It’s easy to forget about his bad knees when Dad is so busy working on the car — so Companion Mat can do the remembering for him.

2. Garden + Outdoors


They make rain boots to keep your feet comfy and free of mud…they make gardening gloves to keep your hands clean…and we make Companion Mat so that your joints can enjoy gardening as much as you do. Our antimicrobial and easy-to-clean surface also makes Companion mat perfect for outside, and make mud the least of your worries.

3. Grill + Patio


Companion Mats can easily be transported indoor and outdoor. We love using Companion Mats for patio grilling. You’ll be far less likely to burn anything ever again…because standing at the grill for a long, long, time won’t bother your feet! 

4. Picnics


For some, sitting on the ground is not as comfortable as it could be. Companion Mats make a great addition to your picnic check list and are as portable as your picnic basket. Sitting in comfort will make eating your packed foods all the more enjoyable.

5. Office + Standing Desk


We aren’t the only ones who support the idea of standing desks. For those who have chosen to stand at their 9-5 jobs rather than sit, it’s a good idea to support your feet, joints and back — and Companion Mat can do all of that, while being easily portable.

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