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Ming Tsai, our featured chef of the month, describes his culinary style as “East-meets-West,” — and that doesn’t have to be limited to what you are eating! There are a handful of Asian and Asian-inspired wines, spirits, and drinks that also pair well with Ming’s East-meets-West approach to dining.

The next time you’re visiting your Asian grocery store — or better yet, actually traveling East — we recommend trying at least one of these bottles! Some are great for cocktails and some are great on their own.


Lychee Wine

A sweet, dessert wine made entirely of lychee juice. Serve ice cold or over ice and pair with shellfish or Asian dishes.



A Japanese wine, prepared more like beer, with a higher alcohol content. Made from fermented rice. Serve chilled with your favorite crab meat or seafood dish. Juyondai (above) is one of the most popular Sake bottles in both the USA and Japan.



A Chinese rice wine comparable to Sake — and translates literally to “rice alcoholic beverage.” Miniu Fire (above) is a bottle made with black rice and 100% natural ingredients with no additives.



Similar to Sake, but prepared more like spirits, distilled from either barley, rice, sweet potatoes, or buckwheat. Satsuma Kuro Shiranami (above) is made with sweet potato, though barley is most popular.


Plum Wine
A  rich wine made from fermented plums grown in central Japan. Serve chilled and pair with lightly spiced foods and/or chocolaty desserts.

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