“WellnessMats are Cake-Azz” — Introducing Chef Duff Goldman

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You know this man. You’ve seen him on his own reality-TV show (“Ace of Cakes”) on the Food Network. He’s also responsible for turning impossibly difficult baking assignments into delicious cake realities…our dear friend and a long time fan of  WellnessMats, Chef Duff Goldman! We were thrilled to re-connect with one of our favorite chef’s – Chef Duff Goldman at the International Housewares Show. He is a great chef, a great guy and always a ton of fun… especially with a box of cookies in hand. And I guess the feeling was mutual – because he loves WellnessMats.  He has them in his kitchen at home, and he has them in his bakery kitchens in both Baltimore and Los Angeles. He swears by them. In fact, he said,“WellnessMats are Cake-Azz!” 

During his standing-room-only cooking demo at the Housewares Show, Duff was thrilled to have our comfort standing mats underfoot. (We provide all the chefs our mats during the show).  After working so intently on his notorious signature specialty – impressively, elaborately detailed cakes… he even took a few WellnessMats with him to nearby booths to stand on during other demos and while signing autographs…that certainly makes us proud and – yes, it gives us some serious bragging rights.

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If you’ve never gotten the chance to visit Chef Duff at Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, it would be a disservice to him and his team’s efforts to call it a mere ‘pastry shop.’ As you’ve witnessed firsthand on Ace of Cakes, Chef Duff and his staff of friends take on elaborate cake challenges and tight deadlines that would turn the stomachs of even the most ambitious chefs and bakers. And, in the end, each cake is masterfully designed with equal parts engineering and sweat equity to produce a delicious and artistic one of a kind confectioner’s dream!

Chef Duff team consists of a hodge-podge of creative – construction experience, bakers, decorators, and painters – these artists and sculptors are working right along side Duff in the trenches using what we can only call “unconventional” techniques for pastries…these (ultra) non-traditional methods into sculpting and decorating with unique raw materials AND tools – such as blow torches, belt sanders and even power saws – not exactly what you expect when you think of receiving a birthday cake!


(Yes, what you see above is in fact a cake.)

We’re really not kidding when we say Chef Duff can make any cake you can dream up. We’re pretty sure he can…this master (cake) crafter even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008 for baking a 16 pound cupcake 150 times larger than a regular cupcake. As you can see, one of Duff’s secret weapons is thinking (and baking) outside the box –  which is why we’re so thrilled that he is such a fan of kitchen WellnessMats for him and his team in all of his kitchens across the nation.

Lucky for Chef Duff, October is filled with culinary events that celebrate his unique skills as an artistic pastry chef.  While it sounds like a personal holiday in his honor, we doubt he’ll have any time to sit around with National Cookie Month, Dessert Day, Cake Decorating Day, and Chocolate Cupcake Day…so we know the Ace of Cakes will be kept busy baking!  And as such, we name Duff Goldman our honorary chef for  the month of October. Come back during the month, for we’ll get busy sharing all of our favorite Chef Duff baking recipes, holiday treats to tantalize the crowds, and later in the season, check back in for tips on how to prepare a Super Bowl show stopper of a cake!

Could WellnessMats be a part of Chef Duff's recipe for success? Have a taste yourself with any of our standing kitchen mats and maybe YOU could be the next small-town baker turned big-city chef!

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