“Cake-Azz” Cake Decorating w/ Chef Duff Goldman

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At a glance, this looks like any other unassuming graphing calculator.

Think again. This calculator is 100% edible…That’s because this graphic calculator is not a graphic calculator at all. It’s actually a cake. Fooled you! Now we really know what it means not to judge a book by its cover…

If this sculpted cake that passes for a graphic calculator doesn’t speak for itself… pastry chef (well, more like pastry pioneer) Chef Duff Goldman’s cakes are sure to amaze. Not all of his cakes are sculpted to look like strikingly realistic office supplies — but all of his cakes and pastries are baked to perfection and decorated by Duff and his team of artists + sculptors who treat every cake like a work of art. If Duff’s cakes didn’t taste so good…it would be very hard to eat them because they are so intriguing  to look at.

We wanted to show off a hand full of Duff’s work because October 15 is National Cake Decorating Day! Which is probably the most befitting day of the year for someone like Chef Duff. We know Duff + his team are baking away at Charm City Cakes — we wish we could take a peak at all of the delicious and fanciful treats they’re working on right now!

Not only is it cake decorating day…but it is also football season. The big American favorite. And as you might have guessed, Chef Duff has got a cake for that. At our last IHA event, we were lucky enough to spend some quality cake baking time with Chef Duff as he transformed what was once a bowl of batter and tubs of fondant into an American football before our eyes!

While working intently on his cakes, Chef Duff loves standing on Wellnessmats! (as you can see…) They keep his feet comfy so he can keep focused on his work. He would never get started on his cake creations without his 6×2 Gray Original WellnessMat that he keeps treasured at his Charm City Cakes in Los Angeles.

We can’t imagine the amount of time Duff spends standing while decorating any given cake…all we know, is thehours of relief WellnessMats have provided Duff — relief from the pains, aches, and muscle sores that we’ve all had to deal with while standing for hours on end.


Or prehaps you’re looking for a more outlandish, seemingly impossible (but possible) beetle,  (very) old pair of converse, or queen pug cake. In any case, Duff’s got it covered:

Yes, these sculptures are all in fact cakes.

We’re also impressed with the extensive list of cake flavors Charm City Cakes has to offer. Most flavors as intriguing as the decorations. Orange + ginger, cardamom + pistachio, and beurre noisette are just a few. You can take a look at all of Duff’s flavors here.

While decorating cake with unconventional cake decorating tools like power saws and blow torches may sound intimidating to try at home…there are still cake decorating solutions for any curious minded fans looking to bake their own cake creations at home. Chef Duff actually has a line of cake decorating necessities perfect for both amateur and well-seasoned bakers alike.

If you’re anything like us…you were probably unaware that “cake tattoos” existed. They do. And they’re available on Chef Duff’s shop here. 

Have you ever ordered a customized cake from Charm City Cakes? Or decorated an extraordinary cake you were proud of? We’d love to see your pictures!! Share them on our Facebook and Twitter! We can’t wait to taste  see!

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