Carve in Comfort This Halloween with Villafane Studios

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It’s hard to believe that this life-size zombie — complete with missing teeth, skin, and exposed intestines — was once a pile of several unassuming pumpkins! (Some as large as well over 1000 pounds!)

While we’re not big fans of the pain and discomfort that come with standing in kitchens prepping for the upcoming holidays or having to stand on tired feet for hours carving the perfect intricate Halloween pumpkins…we are HUGE fans of Ray Villafane (seen on Martha Stewart Living, The Today Show and more) and the entire Villafane team, responsible for creating these ghoulish, freakishly realistic pumpkin carvings.

Every year, Villafane amazes and surprises us with crazy detailed carvings that get more intricate every October! As you can imagine…it takes the Villafane team hours and hours to finish their works of art. And hours and hours of standing is not very fun for feet!!

It turns out, that Ray is equally as much a fan of WellnessMats as we are of his work! We’ll explain…A good friend of Mr. Villafane works here at WellnessMats. After visiting with him and his wife over the summer, and hearing first-hand about his aches and pains, she immediately sent Ray several mats to try. It was love at first step. Ray loves them!  And so does his whole team! WellnessMats now grace his studio floors  providing him hours upon hours of pain-free standing and pumpkin carving.

Not even the unimaginable amount of pumpkin goo Ray goes through is any match for his WellnessMats — which are easy to clean and slip/trip proof.

Ray keeps WellnessMats in his studio — always. And they help scare away the pain while Ray and his team carve away at pumpkins!

Be sure to visit Ray at Villafane Studios here to see his latest and greatest. Beware — they are pretty spoooky!


Meet the Villafane Pumpkin Zombies face to face in New York City at the New York Botanical Gardens!

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