Put a Little Spice Into the Season with Chef Guy Fieri recipes + Our Latest Seasons Decorative Mat Covers!

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Now that we’re deeper into Fall, everything we love about this season is in full swing! To celebrate the festive nature of November…we’ve decided to spice up the month even more and put our newest Seasons Decorative Mat Covers in the limelight!

We love our seasons covers for doing just that…seasoning your kitchen, vanity, bath and entire home with a bit of spice, sizzle and color. For a while, we didn’t think it possible for WellnessMats to get any more comfortable than they already are…until we introduced our Seasons covers, available in lush, warm, fuzzy-soft fabrics that your bare feet will beg to stand on. Simply cover your WellnessMat with one of our removable Seasons covers to add color or another layer of comfort to your mat — and it’s a nice bonus that Seasons covers are as equally soft as they arestrong, durable, and machine washable. Our Seasons covers are especially useful now that the warm weather has come to an end for most of us. This means the beginning of serious snuggle gear–and the beginning of the warm, spiced Fall recipes we’ve been looking forward to!

We’re kicking off the month of November with some of our favorite recipes from Chef Guy Fieri, an all American chef who always knows just how to put zesty spins on classic dishes. We were lucky to spend some one-on-one time with Guy Fieri at our previous IHA event — where Guy loved standing on his WellnessMats during his cooking demos!

Chef Guy Fieri:


Chef Guy Fieri enjoying the comfort of WellnessMats

“I use my kitchen at home like I use my kitchen at the restaurant, but never had a mat that worked, til now! WellnessMats are off da hook.”

– Guy Fieri, Celebrity Rock Star Chef, TV Personality, Author, and Restaurateur

The recipe for a well-seasoned kitchen? Would have to be adding one of our soft Seasons Decorative Mat Covers to your WellnessMat and cooking up one of Chef Guy Fieri’s recipes — using the best Fall spices from your lazy Susan, of course:

Juniper berries


Juniper Berries

These are what give gin its distinct flavor and are great for seasoning meat — especially poultry and game. Chef Guy Fieri uses them to season his Turkey Pastrami made with fresh turkey breast, kosher salt, and cracked peppercorns. Recipe Here.


Tumeric Powder

Not only does Tumeric add an earthy flavor to dishes, along with the beautiful glowing yellow-gold of Fall foliage, but it also reaps many health benefits with its immune boosting properties. We can all use a health boost to fight colds this season! Guy Fieri uses Tumeric powder to add an Indian-inspired sizzle to his Taj Maholla Chicken, infused with garlic, ginger, chili powder, and (pleasantly) surprisingly, pomegranate juice. Recipe Here





Ginger is one of those spices that works great in recipes all year round. But we particularly enjoy ginger in the Fall, to add a warm spicy kick to sweet pies, tarts, savory dishes and even margaritas. If you enjoy ginger, you’ll love Guy Fieri’s Ginger Margarita with ginger, nutmeg and fresh lime. Recipe Here.






Nutmeg has a big flavor compacted in a small seed — a little bit of nutmeg goes a long way, and adds a unique, nutty and earthy flavor to sweet and savory dishes. We love a sprinkle of nutmeg in dessert — especially when paired with pumpkin! Guy Fieri does, too, it looks like. He uses nutmeg in his Pumpkin Pie Crème brûlée, a delicious treat to warm up and satisfy your sweet tooth this Fall. Recipe Here.





Cardamom is a super spice. Not because it’s super spicy, but because it’s super good for you. Cardamom is used in a variety of Asian dishes (and Chai tea) and is coveted for its detoxifying, anti-depressant, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting…(the list goes on) properites. This very aromatic spice will add a tasty and unique flavor to your favorite dishes! Guy Fieri spices his Exotic Spice Biscuits with ginger, cardamom, and rose water.Recipe Here

We hope you’ll enjoy any one of Guy Fieri’s recipes using one of these delicious spices perfect for Fall! Or perhaps you’ll enjoy spicing up your kitchen with one of our removable Seasons Mat covers. What is your favorite way to spice up the season?

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