It’s often the place where your day both begins and ends and we think you should begin and end your day on the right foot – and in comfort!  Whether you are stepping out of your fluffy bed, stepping out of the warm shower, or stepping in front of your vanity mirror, every step taken to start (or end) your day right should be in comfort.

That’s why we’ve created our newest line: the WellnessMats Vanity Collection.  Our new line of Removable Seasons Mat Covers that add a whole new layer of comfort (and style) to your already ergonomically designed, and dare we say super comfortable WellnessMat.  Whether you have already indulged in the comfort and health benefits of any of our WellnessMats products or not, you might want to consider our Vanity Collection as it offers Removable Seasons Cover + WellnessMat combos perfect for the vanity!  And like all WellnessMats products, they are easy to care for (simply toss them into the washer) and are Made in the USA!

Lately, we’ve noticed a handful of trending decor ideas for bathroom + vanity and thought we’d share them with all of you! And of course, we’ve got just the right Seasons Decorative Mat Covers in the just the right colors and textures to pair perfectly with every look:


Subway Tiles

We’re seeing subway tiles everywhere! This is a classic look that may never go out of style — but is very popular in bathrooms and kitchens now! For good reason. You can’t go wrong with the elegance and simplicity of white stacked tile.


Wood Floor

You might be thinking that wood is best when kept away from water, but lately we’ve been seeing beautiful wooden floors incorporated in bathrooms and vanity areas. Even though cleaning may be higher maintenance, if you’re up for the task, wooden floors in the bathroom make a striking difference.



Black + Slate Gray

Black and shades of dark grays aren’t typical for bathrooms which are usually light, white, and/or pastels — but darker tones area also beautiful in bathrooms and can add a surprising warmth to the room. If you find dark walls to be too dark, warm up the room with wooden and wicker accents.


A Pop of Color

It’s easy (and fun!) to add a pop of vibrancy to your bathroom or vanity. Throw in an upholstered overstuffed chair, a rug, an ottoman, paint an accent wall, or add one of our colorful Decorative Seasons Mat Covers.



Wallpaper + Texture

If you are wallpaper shy, the upstairs bathroom or master bathroom is a great opportunity to experiment with beautiful textures and colors — because no matter how wild you chose to go, you’ll be the one enjoying it.  Don’t be afraid to add the beauty of textures to the wall — and the comfort of texture to your WellnessMat.