DIY Glitter Christmas Decor Inspired by GraniteMat

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We can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away! Time really does fly when you’re having fun…and we’ve been staying very busy here at WellnessMats! We have a lot of new and exciting plans for the new year…

As you know, we’re all about GraniteMat this month! The subtle sparkle of GraniteMat is so perfect for the holiday season and adds a new level of holiday cheer to the halls and home. We all know firsthand that Christmas cookies, holiday decor, and all the preparation involved with the holidays require lots of time on your toes. It’s easy to forget about your feet when you have all your friends and family at the top of your Christmas shopping list! But remember…your tired feet, limbs, and back appreciate (and deserve) a gift here and there, too…

So, in the name of the metallic sheen accent we love so much about GraniteMats, we’ve gathered a list of fun DIY holiday décor projects that will add a little extra sparkle to your trimmings. And they’re all easy enough for even the most amateur craft enthusiast to master!

Glitter Pinecone Ornaments

Great for gifts, tree ornaments, or centerpieces! Tutorial here

Sparkly White Paper Honeycomb Balls

These look beautiful hanging down from the ceiling!  Tutorial here.


Glitter Glassware

Dazzle your guests at cocktail hour with these shimmering glasses! Works with plasticware, as well. Tutorial here.


Glittery Shell Ornaments

These are the perfect DIY project for families who live in warmer climates near the beach! Tutorial here.


Glitter Vases

Glitter vases are the classic DIY glitter project. And always a stunner. Tutorial here.


Glitter Polka Dot Canvas 

This is for anyone who doesn’t like handling glitter. Enjoy less of a mess with glitter paper, instead! Tutorial here.

We hope you’re all enjoying decorating your homes as much as we’ve been this holiday season! Don’t forget to treat your feet from time to time to take off some of the stress. Be well and happy holidays!


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