Holiday Dinner Dream Team — The Perfect Holiday Dinner Round Up from Our Favorite Chefs!

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Welcome to WellnessMats’ holiday dinner! You may recognize these familiar faces…our featured chefs of 2013! We were so thrilled to have met Chef Guy Fieri, Anupy Singla, Mario Batali, Duff Goldman, and Ming Tsai at our last appearance at the International Home + Housewares Show. We had such a great time (and ate lots of great food…) and the chefs loved how WellnessMats made cooking all the more enjoyable, and pain-free! We even spotted Anupy in her heels standing on the mats. Luckily, WellnessMats are puncture resistant, so much so that not even Anupy’s signature boots were a match!

As you can see, Chef Guy, Anupy, Mario, Duff, and Ming all came to join us for Christmas dinner! And they’ve each brought one of their signature dishes along with them, made from recipes big enough for the whole family. It’s no surprise that pastry chef Duff Goldman has come to the table with a perfect layered cake! He’s our go-to guy for desserts. Chef Guy Fieri and Chef Anupy Singla have kicked up the zest factor with a savory grilled salad and spicy potato patties. We knew we could count on Chef Mario Batali for a main course veal dish, while Chef Ming has quenched our thirst with his delicious cocktail. Take a look at our complete holiday dinner menu for some mouth watering ideas!



Grilled Romaine with Blue Cheese Bacon Vinaigrette

Chef Guy Fieri is all about big flavors — and he loves the grill! So when we told Guy Fieri that he had to bring the salad…he didn’t settle for ordinary. Instead, he threw his romaine lettuce on the grill.  For a big flavor boost, he sprinkled on a crumbly mix of bacon bits and blue cheese. Get the full recipe here. 


North Indian Spicy Potato Patty

To follow suit with big flavor, Anupy decided to bring a plate full of her delicious spicy potato patties. They’ve got just enough of a kick for spice lovers! Adults and kids love these potato pancakes…and they’re a great way to sneak in some peas! Get the full recipe here.


Veal Shanks with Lemon and Caperberries 

Mario Batali’s cooking can never do wrong. We can’t wait to dig into these veal shanks lathered with lemon and caperberries! Just enough sweet and just enough sour — we have a feeling we’ll all be going back for seconds this dinner. Get the full recipe here. 


Kir Royal Champagne Honey Granita

We didn’t forget the drinks! Ming Tsai decided to bring his delicious Kir Royal flavored with fresh lychee, lemons, and golden honey. This cocktail is a perfect relfection of Ming Tsai’s cooking style of East meets West. Lychee is a super common fruit in many parts of Asia. If you haven’t yet tried a lycee cocktail, you ought to! Get full recipe here. 


The Perfect Multi-tiered Cake

Not only did Chef Duff bring a deliciously stuffed triple layer cake, but he’s shared all of his not-so-secret tips for sculpting a flawless mile-high tiered cake. He makes it look easy! But all of that extra hard work it takes to prep the stuffing, cut off the excess cake, and stack the cakes, is very well worth it! Watch Duff’s how-to video here. 

We hope you enjoyed joining us for dinner and that you will stop by again! We’re so stuffed — but we’d love to host a dinner party again soon. Thanks chefs for cooking up our favorite meals! We hope all of you continue cooking the safer, comfier way with WellnessMats! Happy Holidays!

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