5 Health and Wellness Tips for the New Year 2014

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New Year’s Day is around the corner!  Time for a new year, new you, new resolutions!

This past year has been an amazing one for all of us here at WellnessMats.  These past few weeks?  Well, we have to admit, we did a lot of snacking, celebrating and feasting this holiday season.  I mean, there were only three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So, like many of you, the Wellness team is starting to regroup and focus on healthy habits!

It’s very easy to lose sight of healthy habits during the year-end holiday bustle.  Gatherings, parties, holidays – who wouldn’t indulge in extra sweets and what not.  But luckily the New Year can be a time to become more conscious of your overall health and wellness.  Now is a great time to start putting a plan in place for a new healthy lifestyle regimen.  A realistic one that can be maintained throughout the year.  

Be realistic — don’t set goals for yourself that you know will be impossible to achieve. We have a few resolutions up our sleeves here at WellnessMats, with new products on the horizons. Our number one goal for the New Year, and for every year, is to provide safe, comfortable, high performance and effective health and wellness solutions for the home. That is why we are so excited to continue expanding our assortment of tried and true products! Check back next year (only a couple days away!) to see what New Year plans we’ve been cooking up. In the meantime, we suggest adding these 5 simple health goals to your New Year’s resolutions!


1. Set a Comfort Standard

There is no need to hold style to a higher standard than comfort and wellbeing.  It is very possible to have both!  In fact, 2014 is going to be the year of form + function.  No need to sacrifice one for another.   For example, add a layer of style and comfort to your kitchen floor with our shimmering GraniteMat.  It is beautiful, stylish and very comfortable.  Or what about shoes?   The next time you buy shoes, think about a cute, versatile pair of flats versus the stilettos.  Everybody’s embracing flats – even Sarah Jessica Parker is embracing the look & feel of flats.  Your feet & your body will thank you!


2. Track What You Eat

This doesn’t mean to stop eating, of course. It simply means to be more mindful of what you’re putting into your body and to start holding yourself accountable for everything you eat! Reflecting on what you’ve eaten throughout the day will help remind you to eat healthy foods more often, can help you to remember to eat breakfast, and might help you refrain from eating too many sweets and unhealthy foods!


3. Set an Exercise Goal

Set a realistic goal to incorporate a routine work out into your every week. Every step counts! Walk the dog 10 minutes longer. Take 5 minutes out of your lunch break every day to jump rope. Join a gym with a friend and plan on visiting 3 days a week. Set a goal that you will be excited about — if it feels too daunting, you won’t do it! Make it fun.


4.  Schedule in Me Time

We always set work-related goals. It’s also important to set relaxing goals. Schedule “me time” into your 2014 calendar. Treat yourself to a full body massage or facial once a month. Some massage centers like LaVida Massage have membership programs to keep you abreast of great discounts throughout the year! If you’re adventurous, try something a bit edgier like acupuncture or a series of mini vacations once every month to places you’ve never been.


5. Set a Bed Time

We think it’s safe to assume that catching enough Zs is a universal struggle. The easiest way to be sure you’re getting enough sleep is to be consistent. Set a bed time and stick to it and you’ll find waking up to be much easier! If you’re stubborn, reward yourself every time you go to bed on time and you’ll be more inclined to make bed time a (good) habit.


We hope you’ll keep your health in mind in 2014 — and that you’ll stay tuned for the latest and greatest from WellnessMats! What are your resolutions for the New Year?

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