Cut the Fat: 10 Easy Ways to Cut Calories in the New Year

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This year, it’s all about health + wellness — everything we stand for — and doing what is best for your body. One simple way to get back on track with your health and back into shape is to cut back on unneeded calories. When we say “cut the fat,” we don’t mean dieting, we simply mean being more conscious of the kinds of foods you’re eating and the way you’re preparing them! We’ve found that substituting certain ingredients for other tasty ingredients can shed a significant amount of calories, without having to compromise great taste. We hope you’ll join us in trying these 10 easy mindless tips to cut calories this year!

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1. Use broth or stock as a substitute for oil

2. Eat low-cal soup or salad first — you’ll be more full before your meal

3. Adopt a standing desk at work or make it a point to stand at least 2 hours during your work day

4. Substitute pop with water or unsweetened tea

5. Cut the flavored creamers — use skim or 1% milk in your coffee instead

6. Eat slower — give your brain time to know you’re full!

7. Sleep at least 6-8 hours a night — lack of sleep can increase appetite and hunger

8. Ditch the yolks and make yourself an egg white omelet instead

9. Eat fresh fruit instead of drinking fruit juice, which often has more sugar per serving

10. Don’t eat in front of the TV or movie theater

What calorie cutting tips and tricks have worked for you in the past? We’d love to hear!

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