What better way to kick off a new year—a new year we promise will be filled with new products, new innovations, promotions and so much more—than to revisit where it all began…the Original WellnessMat.  Five years ago we launched with one simple yet amazing mat.

But why stop there?   We started thinking about the very qualities that comprise our mats, our brand. Those elements that define who we are, why we are different and why our mats are “feet down” the mat of choice for top chefs, and all of us everyday chefs around the world: Mattributes!

Mattributes = our mats + our attributes.  In other words, all the qualities that guarantee each and every mat will deliver the same comfort, performance and overall improved standing experience for your health and well-being.

With every new product, innovation and even application we never forget our original mission, it’s what we stand for:  to deliver a top quality product that promotes health and wellness on multiple levels.  We decided this year to go above and beyond — instead of simply just talking (writing) about our unmatched quality and performance, we’re going to stand up to the challenge to prove it to you! Each month, we’ll put one of our “mattributes” to the test to show all of you firsthand…foot just how well WellnessMats stand up to their name!




The Mattributes:

  • unmatched comfort
  • 3/4″ thickness
  • edges will never curl
  • No trip beveled edges
  • antimicrobial
  • puncture & heat resistant
  • stain & dirt resistant
  • easy to clean
  • safe & nontoxic (PVC free)
  • 7 year warranty


Tell us what Mattributes you’d like us to put to the test before your eyes and we will! Be sure to stay on the lookout on Facebook + Twitter for “ground breaking” video footage of WellnessMats doing what we do best — providing unmatched, quality, industrial-grade comfort for the home.