We “Heart” You, Now Let’s Get Our Hearts Fit with WellnessMats FitnessMat!

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This month we’re all about health + fitness — and more specifically, we’re all about the heart.  Yes, we are getting our romantic vibe on for Valentine’s Day, but what we are really focusing on this month is our HEARTS!  February is American Heart Month (great timing American Heart Association) and there is no better time to start giving your heart some love than in the heart of winter!  Or, if you are anything like us, who have already fallen off our New Year’s resolutions wagon.

So, let’s get moving – are you with us? We all know that the simplest way to keep your heart at its healthiest is to keep it moving! Stand up, move more, and live longer.  That is why we’re dedicating this month, and this entire year, to a new level of wellness that goes beyond the kitchen, and beyond the home! We’re excited to introduce WellnessMats FitnessMat  — the ultimate fitness accessory to revolutionize your fitness experience — and strengthen your heart.

That’s right – we are launching our FitnessMat!! Just like all WellnessMats, our new FitnessMats share all of the same “Mattributes” that make WellnessMats unmatched in comfort and unmatched in quality.  Above all, FitnessMat is the best work out companion on the market as they suspend body weight and promote healthy circulation, taking the strain of the ground out of your workout equation while providing the most ergonomic, comfortable, and most importantly, safe fitness experience as possible. And while it is new, it is already getting a ton of attention.   You can find them in Lifetime Fitness, Powerhouse Gyms and more.  Even celebrity fitness trainerKim Lyons is taking a stand on FitnessMats, stating that she does not work out on anything else!  In fact, our new FitnessMats are the exclusive mats for her new chain of fitness facilities – Bionic Body.

So, we are challenging all of you (and ourselves as well) to get up, jump, stretch, take up yoga or Pilates—whatever suits your lifestyle—but let’s get moving.   And know that our new FitnessMat has your back, knees, ankles, wrists and more.  FitnessMats are designed (of course) to provide unmatched comfort & support. Whether you prefer to work out at your local public gym or in the privacy of your home, WellnessMats FitnessMat provides the ultimate ground support so all you feel is the effectiveness of your workout, NOT the ground beneath you and NOT the aches and pains you would feel with any other mat on any other ground.

Be sure to check back here—or better yet—become a fan of FitnessMats on its own Facebook Page and get weekly health tips and exercises from our fitness Ambassadors.

Let’s celebrate the month of the heart with some real benefits for our heart!

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