6 Reasons Why Support During Exercise is So Important (Because Your Feet are!)

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hen it comes to working out, proper support for your feet, legs, and back is crucial.  It can make the difference between a good workout and bad.  It is the base….it is your ground support!  Not having proper support is like Michael Jordan without a solid pair of sneakers.  Or the perfect snow conditions for Shawn White (and unfortunately the snow was not in his favor). We even have our suspicions that all of the (utterly amazing) Olympic luge teams flying down the tracks this week probably lined their sleds with some bottom padding as well…we sure would have!We are a bit obsessive about comfort & support – it is what we are about!  We are equally preoccupied with creating products that contribute to health and well-being….so it is no surprise that we are now launching the FitnessMat! Like allWellnessMats products, FitnessMats are designed with the utmost comfort, support, and performance in mind.

Bottom line, proper ground support is crucial to your exercise routine – especially if you are focused on pushing your body to its fitness limits. This is where FitnessMats come in and here is is WHY:


1. Your feet are bigger than you think. Your feet make up nearly a quarter of ALL the bones in your body, and include more than 60 joints and over 200 muscles, ligaments and tendons! That is a lot to potentially damage if you are not careful!

2. You can reach where your heart can’t. Your feet have limited access to healthy blood flow, as they are the further from your heart than any other body part. FitnessMats help promote healthy circulation giving your tootsies the boost they need.

3. Comfort is a great cheerleader. If not properly cushioned, bunions, flat feet, sores, and other sources of pedal discomfort can significantly detract from your workout and discourage you from participating in healthy activity in the future!

4. Sometimes comfort comes in the nude. Many health and fitness experts advise that those who suffer from recurrent back, foot, or heel pain can actually benefit from exercising barefoot. Standing barefoot on a FitnessMat offers relief from hard surfaces without the increased risk of injury, weakened ankles or shin splits that can occur from wearing shoes! Ouch…

5. May the force (not) be with you. If you combine the amount of force your feet take on any given day, it would amount to several hundred tons. Proper support helps reduce the impact of each step and soften landings to avoid inflammation, sores, swelling, sprains, and broken ankles! No matter whether you leave the kicks on or off.

6. Refrain the pain. Proper support reduces the risks of developing (or worsening) painful orthopedic conditions and injuries including metatarsalgia, flat feet, stress fractures, osteoarthritis, and more.

If you haven’t already, join in on the buzz! Fitness experts Jessie HilgenbergHilary Hagner, and Kim Lyons all stand strong (with happier feet) in supporting our mission here at WellnessMats FitnessMats — to support YOU and all of your work out needs, and to look out for your feet!

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Photo courtesy of wellnessmats and bosu.com

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