Color. Comfort. Style. The Perfect Fit: Introducing Our New Granite Copper PuzzlePiece!

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We are swooning over all that glitters!  Copper, metallic, and gold are huge design trends this year and we have fallen head over heels for them. Adding a soft touch of copper to your home is a simple way to make any room pop – adding style and sophistication. So we’ve gathered up all of our love for what sparkles and shines and poured it into our Granite Copper colorway.

It suddenly dawned on us…the only thing better than bold comfort that shines, is customizable comfort that shines! So we dove in—feet first—and decided to add Granite to our customized PuzzlePiece collection.

This month, we’re launching an all new Granite Copper PuzzlePiece—at the International Home and Housewares Show (#IHHS2014)! It’s everything you love about WellnessMats in one: Color. Comfort. Style. It’s the perfect fit, because no matter how long your kitchen may be, or how many corners it may have, PuzzlePiece is easily customizable. You can interlock as many mats as you chose! As always…our foremost concern is YOUR comfort. Which is why we’ve designed every single WellnessMat to be unmatched in comfort, suspending body weight and taking the strain off your feet, limbs and back. #Mattribute!

And believe us, our booth at the #IHHS2014 will be the most comfortable booth in the show!  In fact, we are often a ‘rest stop’ for many who need to rest their feet!  If you happen to be there, stop by booth #S3954!

The kitchen is our sweet spot, so we couldn’t help but notice these beautiful interior spaces when we stumbled into them. We immediately fell in love with the copper and metallic accenting in all of these homes. These are just a few of the copper-infused interiors that have inspired us to introduce our Granite Copper wash to the PuzlePiece collection—and we know it would make a beautiful (and comfy…) addition to any three of these rooms:


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These copper light fixtures add a touch of industrial-chic to this modern kitchen. They’re the first thing we noticed!


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We also love this Great Gatsby inspired bedroom with golden copper wallpaper. We can only imagine how a WellnessMat at the foot of the bed would add a boost of coziness!


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This bronze fireplace adds beautiful depth and dimension to this earthy interior—we love its warmth and texture! We bet kneeling at this mantle would be a little easier with the help of a WellnessMat.

We’d love to hear what new kitchen and home trends you’ve been eyeing so far this year! For more inspiration in home, kitchen, bedroom, bath, and garden, join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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