Spring Cleaning: Pick Up Any Room in 15 Minutes

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We love spring time: the warmer weather, the beautiful blooms and longer and sometimes sunny days!   WE finally get to say goodbye to stuffy/puffy jackets, scarves and mittens! The one thing that’s not so fun about spring…. spring cleaning!  Even though we’d rather be out in the garden watering bulbs or relaxing on the patio with a lemonade and a good read — we know the inevitable has to get done!

So when you are ready, or you can’t stand the clutter any longer, pick up that broom, duster and that bottle of 409- and read on because we are all about making it easy.  That is why all WellnessMats are stain and dirt resistant, inherently antimicrobial, and most importantly, a snap to clean!  We are about making your life (especially the part of your life you spend standing)  more comfortable, easier, better!   So, follow these simple tips and tricks to sweep and tidy any room in 15 minutes!

Before you begin, gather your supplies: paper towels, all-purpose cleaner, vacuum, a large basket/container (for misplaced objects), broom + dust pan, trash bin/bag, hamper (for stray clothing) — and whatever else you usually use.

Living/Dining Room:

1. Sweep the entire room for objects that do not belong. Place these in one basket/container — organize this later.

2. Brush off the couches and chairs – brush pet hair, crumbs…etc. onto the floor. Don’t miss under and between the cushions. Fluff the cushions.

3. Dust + wipe down all surfaces (dining table, coffee table, console table, shelves, windows…etc.) with all-purpose cleaner and then replace the objects. Wipe crumbs/dust onto the floor.

4. Arrange clutter, magazines/books and small objects to make it presentable — don’t waste time sorting/throwing anything away.

5. Vacuum/sweep/mop the floors (last) — just a quick run through, don’t move furniture around. Just pick up the pet hair and crumbs and cover the areas that are most visible. Save the deep clean for later!


1. Pick up any objects that don’t belong – throw in the basket/container. Throw any dirty clothes into the hamper.

2. Throw away any obvious trash, making sure to empty the waste bin.

3. Line the toilet with toilet bowl cleaner and let sit. Line the tub with water and cleaning agent and let sit.

4. Sweep down all surfaces. Toilet, toilet seat, sink, mirror, counter, shower/tub, windows. And sweep/mop the floor.

5. Arrange/put away all the objects that belong in the bathroom.



1. Pick up any objects that don’t belong – throw in the basket/container. Throw any dirty clothes into the hamper.

2.  Throw away any obvious trash – empty the wastebin. 

3. Dust/wipe down all surfaces – shelves, tables, nightstands, desks, windows..etc. Then quickly vacuum/sweep the floor – don’t move furniture around.

4. Organize clutter – don’t throw it away, just make it look presentable.

5. Make your bed! If need be, change sheets/pillow shams, fluff pillows.


1. Scrape off food from dirty dishes and soak dishes in hot soapy water in the sink.

2. Sweep the kitchen for objects that don’t belong and throw in basket/container – organize later.

3. Throw away any obvious trash and take out the garbage.

4. Wipe down all surfaces (counter tops, fridge, cabinet doors…etc.) and sweep the floor.

5. Empty the water from the sink and wash dishes in the dishwasher.

And, there you have it! A moderately cleaner, neater house in no more than 15 minutes per room.  Now you can grab your trusty CompanionMat and do some gardening or simply go outside and relax and enjoy the breeze! Eventually, you’ll have to empty out the “objects that don’t belong” basket/container…but we suggest saving that for after your lemonade + good read on the patio.


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