Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

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With all of the products flooding stores daily, there is still no single store bought gift unique enough to compete with the special qualities of a homemade gift from a loved one. Even at the last minute, DIY gifts made in a rush can be more meaningful than some random item picked up from a store in a hurry. With Father’s Day around the corner, plenty of folks are going to be scurrying to find a last minute gift for Dad. Here are several examples of homemade gifts adults can help children make for Dads when they are pressed for time. If no single project below seems to fit the Dad you have in mind, hopefully the list will spark your curiosity. The following ideas need big imaginations instead of big wallets and take no time at all.

A Special Box For Dad Stuff
It’s not easy being Dad. Finding space and quiet time is difficult. Keeping track of special Dad stuff in a busy home can often feel as if it is a losing battle. All dads have their little collection of objects which bring peace and joy to their lives. Constructing a box designated for Dad’s special things is not only practical, it sends a message of understanding. Tell dad you know how hard it can be to simply keep track of the remote he protects with his life or the newest issue of his favorite magazine always missing when he sits down to read.


Make A Memory Collage
What is a memory collage? One of the most popular DIY gifts for on Father’s Day, as well as Mother’s Day, a memory collage is simply a piece of original artwork made from cherished bits of family memorabilia. Photographs, old greeting cards, labels from dad’s favorite products, images of his favorite team and much more can be combined to construct a heart warming gift. First, collect bits and pieces from around the house. Next, choose a nice backing from repurposed materials. An empty picture frame works well to hold the piece together. Backing for picture frames make excellent backings for memory collages. You can also break out of the rectangle and square and use a material such as foam core to create a funky shaped backing.

Make Dad A Terrarium In An Hour Or Less
Terrariums are perfect DIY presents for busy dads because they are a plant ecosystem needing little attention and they bring nature as well as peace of mind to a busy dad’s day. Creating a terrarium has an easy formula. You need an empty glass container, low maintenance plants from the yard, a little soil and a few other extras. Low maintenance plants such as those growing with abandon in a yard work well. It is also important to choose plants thriving in humidity and shade. A terrarium should be constructed with earth layers in mind. Small stones under soil promote drainage. Moss under these natural drain systems helps as well. Above, healthy soil decorated with stones or other interesting pieces from around the house finishes off the basic concept. Of course, terrarium variations are infinite and only limited by what is available and imagination.



Learn To Cook Dad’s Favorite Meal For Fathers Day
The final DIY project idea for a last minute Father’s Day gift is self-explanatory. Dad has his favorite meals and, likely, ingredients for those meals are already stocked in the kitchen. This gift tells dad how much he is loved. It is also a wonderful idea because it presents a perfect opportunity for teaching children how to cook. Most children will do anything to avoid helping in the kitchen but this project gives them a reason to expand their horizons and learn something new. As with all of these projects, of course, cooking certainly requires responsible adult supervision.

Dad’s are special and their gifts should be equally unique. In this era of a constant flow of mass produced goods, taking the DIY gift route makes a beautiful statement. In a rush or with time to kill, DIY gifts are one of a kind instances of love.

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