Fusion Workouts: Why Two is Better than One

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Different fitness classes have so many incredible benefits and you want them all. Tight abs, toned arms, lean legs. To get that range of benefits is very difficult–enter Fusion classes! Fusion classes are the blending of two types of exercises into one super-charged class, giving you a workout like no other. While fusion workouts have been going strong for the past year, we are seeing more gyms offer them, and boutique studios are popping up across the country. Here at WellnessMats Fitness, we make the most of the time we spend at the gym. We find fusion workouts extremely effective and intense! Some celebrities who have jumped on the Fusion workout trend are: Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz, and Heather Morrison. With the versatility that these classes offer, FitnessMats will meet, and exceed, your expectations and improve any routine. FitnessMats offer durability and unmatched comfort that you won’t experience with any other mat. The stationary design of the FitnessMat allows it to work in extreme settings such as Piloxing (combining Pilates and boxing) or Core Fusion Classes (combining Pilates, yoga, and dance).

FitnessMat Brand Ambassador, Hilary Hagner, believes, “Any form of ‘Fusion Fitness’ can be fun, invigorating, and beneficial for any personal fitness goals…  My company,
Shed ‘n Shred Fit Camp, fuses military influenced exercises (for strength and power) with Pilates (for core strength and overall balance). We also include kickboxing (for staying alert and sharpe) as well as athletic sprint drills (for agility and joint stability). Fusion Fitness, in my opinion, is a great way to stimulate your muscle activity thus promoting fat loss within your entire body.” Has your routine become too routine? This is a sure way to beat the boredom! With new fitness trends coming and going, perhaps this is one that should stay. Find a Fusion Class near you! To learn more about FitnessMats visit:www.wellnessmats.com/fitness

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